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Besa Zapis


Besa Zapis has always been. The thoughts were always there. Imagining and dreaming of worlds and creation. It may have been billions, nay even trillions of years, dreaming of these worlds and what they would contain. Their mind drifted for just a second when all of the things they had been dreaming of, started popping into existence. "Well isn't that quaint." Besa thought, with a hint of amusement.   Though it wasn't entirely intentional, Besa couldn't help but feel a sense of pride at the vast expanse of their creation. "Cat's out of the bag now" they thought with a chuckle as they remembered how even the concepts of 'cat' and 'bag' were originally just musings in their mind.

Evolution of the Origin Story

During the rise of sapient species, there were many depictations of Besa Zapis. Rudimentary cave drawings are some of the evidence we have of the first mentions of Besa. They used local dyes and pigments to paint on the walls. Cave drawings also depicted Besa Zapis in animalistic forms. This was thought to be a way for early civilizations to connect with the deity on a more primal level, as they were heavily reliant on hunting and gathering for survival.
by MidJourney

The depictations have taken on a more sapient quality in the current age. Worshippers respond more positively to Besa Zapis with a less animalistic persona. Each sapient species has their own take on Besa Zapis, there are innumerable myths and legends associated with the creator of this universe.   Some view Besa as the creator and maintainer of the universe, others view them as a powerful yet distant being. There are even some who see them as a sort of trickster, creating the universe as a type of joke.   The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Besa Zapis is everything. The duality of creation and destruction, the balance of light and dark, the ebb and flow of life and death. Their powers are vast and far-reaching, influencing every aspect of the universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest galaxy.   They are both the architect and the wrecking ball, the nurturer and the destroyer. But, their ultimate purpose and intentions are a mystery, known only to themself. Some worship them as a god, others fear them as a force of nature, but all must come to accept that their power and influence is undeniable.
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Symbols can be powerful representations of a particular concept or idea. In the case of Besa Zapis, different species may have their own unique symbols to convey their beliefs and understanding of the deity.

The spiral is a powerful symbol of the ever-evolving and expanding nature of our universe, it is a reminder of the infinite power and wisdom of Besa Zapis, the creator and maintainer of all that exists. The spiral represents the constant cycle of creation and destruction, birth and death, and it serves as a reminder that as we journey through life, we are constantly being renewed and reborn.
— Zapist Prothelizer
by MidJourney

Followers of Besa Zapis who come from more industrious cultures may view the hammer striking an anvil as a symbol of the god's power to create and shape the universe. They see it as a representation of the process of creation, from the sparks that fly when the hammer strikes the anvil to the final shape of the object. This symbol is often used by those who want to invoke Besa's power in their own work, whether it be crafting tools or building structures.
by MidJourney
May the strike of our hammer ring true, as Besa Zapis's strike created all. May our strength and craftsmanship be blessed by the creator, and may our creations stand the test of time.
— Cragalonian Priest


Each civilization has its own unique myths and legends surrounding Besa Zapis and their involvement in their society. These stories offer insight into how different cultures view and interact with the powerful deity.

Naiako mythology

  Queen Naiadara the Great was known for her wisdom and her deep connection to the gods, particularly to Besa Zapis. She was a powerful leader, who united the Naiako people. It is said that Queen Naiadara had a special bond with Besa Zapis, and that she was able to commune with them and receive divine guidance. This bond allowed her to lead her people to great prosperity, and many attributed the Naiako's success to her connection to the gods.   As the Naiako prospered, Queen Naiadara used her connection to Besa to convince her people that their success was due to their reverence and worship of the gods. She led by example, performing sacred rituals and ceremonies to honor Besa and the other deities.   Her people followed her lead and the Naiako society became more religious and spiritual. They built temples, shrines, and performed rituals to honor the gods. They also made offerings, such as food, and precious materials to the gods as a way of showing their gratitude.  

Cragalonian mythology

  The Cragalonians have a strong connection to the earth and mountains. Besa Zapis is seen as a symbol of strength and power, and many Cragalonians will wear symbols or tattoos of them to show their devotion and to invoke his protection.   Besa Zapis is also said to have a special connection with the Cragalonian Queen, granting her the ability to lay eggs. The Cragalonians believe that their prosperity and strength as a civilization is directly linked to this connection with Besa Zapis and the queen's ability to continue the species.
There was a severe drought that lasted for several years. The drought caused widespread famine and threatened the survival of the Cragalonians. In desperation, the leaders of the Cragalonians organized a grand ceremony to beseech Besa Zapis for help.   The ceremony was held at the Temple of Besa Zapis, which was located at the highest point in the Cragalonian kingdom. The temple was adorned with offerings of food and precious jewels, and the priests and priestesses of the temple performed elaborate rituals and sacrifices to appease Besa Zapis.   For days, the Cragalonians prayed and performed rituals, hoping that Besa Zapis would hear their cries for help. On the final day of the ceremony, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and a heavy rain began to fall. The drought was broken, and the Cragalonians were able to harvest bountiful crops once again.

Besa's influence

  Besa Zapis is a revered and powerful deity in the world, believed by many to be the creator and ruler of all things. Their influence can be seen throughout the world, in the natural cycles of the earth and the movements of the stars. Besa Zapis is seen as a powerful and benevolent force, guiding and protecting his people through the trials and challenges of life. His influence can be seen in everything from natural phenomena to the daily lives of individuals, and his followers are deeply devoted to him.


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