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The source of magic

In the Beginning: The Origins of Magic

Before the beginning, before time itself, there was only Besa Zapis. They are the supreme power, the being that transcended all, the one who united all opposites into one.

In the infinite expanse of nothingness, Besa Zapis stirred. They are the force that set the wheels of creation in motion. With a mighty thought, they formed the primordial soup, a swirling mass of energy and matter.
— unknown

  As the soup churned and swirled, two beings emerged from its depths. These were Atiar and Disfolin, gods of magic and chaos respectively. They were born from the chaotic nature of the universe, created by Besa Zapis himself.   Atiar and Disfolin were like two sides of the same coin, constantly at odds with one another. They waged war across the cosmos, their battles shaping the very fabric of the universe.   Despite their differences, both Atiar and Disfolin are necessary for the universe to exist as they are constantly in a state of opposition. Without Atiar's sense of order, the universe would descend into complete chaos, and without Disfolin's chaos, there would be no room for change or evolution.
Besa Zapis

Created by MidJourney


Disfolin represents the unpredictable and destructive forces of the universe. He is often depicted as a wild, untamed being, capable of causing destruction and upheaval wherever he goes.
Disfolin is the god of chaos, revered and feared by all who know of him. He is a being of pure energy and power, his body constantly shifting and changing in form. Some say he appears as a swirling vortex of energy, while others claim he takes on the form of a towering figure of flames. Regardless of his appearance, Disfolin exudes an aura of unbridled power and unpredictability. His followers are said to be wild and reckless, embracing the chaos that he represents. Despite his chaotic nature, Disfolin is a formidable and intelligent being, with a deep understanding of the world and its workings.

His power was palpable, emanating from him like a force field. I felt as though the very fabric of reality was unraveling in his presence. It was both terrifying and exhilarating. I knew in that moment I was in the presence of true chaos. I was changed forever by that encounter.
— Jasper the Seer


  Atiar is a powerful and revered deity in the world of magic. She is known for her grace and wisdom, as well as her ability to control and manipulate the forces of magic.  
Atiar, the god of magic, is known for her ability to harness and manipulate the energy of magic, using it to bring about change and create order in the world.   Atiar is also associated with knowledge and understanding, and is often sought out by those seeking guidance and enlightenment. Despite her peaceful and benevolent nature, Atiar is not afraid to use her powers in defense of those she cares about, and is capable of unleashing devastating magical attacks when provoked. In terms of personality, Atiar is generally depicted as kind and compassionate, but can also be firm and unyielding when necessary.  
I have always felt drawn to the magic of Atiar. It is a power that fills me with hope and peace, and I know that as long as she is with us, we will always have a guiding light to lead us through even the darkest of times. Her power is a force for good, and I am forever grateful to be in her presence.
— Margot - local healer and devout follower of Atiar.

The source of magic

According to the ancient texts, the source of magic on this planet was created during a great conflict between the gods Atiar and Disfolin. As they battled, their magic collided and coalesced, seeping into the very fabric of the world and creating a magical layer that permeates everything. In the present day, this magic is still present, and it is harnessed and wielded by those who are attuned to it. Some are born with an innate ability to tap into this magic, while others must work hard to develop their skills and control over it. The magic can manifest in many different ways, from the ability to cast spells and perform feats of extraordinary strength, to heal or communicate with the spirits of the deceased.   Despite its many uses and benefits, magic is not without its dangers. Those who abuse or misuse it can suffer dire consequences, and there are those who seek to harness its power for their own nefarious purposes. But for those who are able to use it wisely and for the greater good, magic is a gift that can bring great joy and prosperity to those around them.


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Jan 5, 2023 19:19

Very interesting idea for magic in your world :) It is nice how you manage to draw the reader in from the start. I wonder if there are different sorts of magic for those who follow Atiar vs those who follow Disfolin?

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Jan 5, 2023 19:23

In my world, each Biome will have types of magic that are stronger in it. I.E. in the forest Nature magic is likely to be the strongest. This lends itself to natural borders. I would say some of the darker/more chaotic magic is likely to have more followers of Disfolin.