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My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document

My project :

I created Yeia as a way to  create my own fantasy world mixing elements of traditional fantasy and ancient history and perhaps writing a novel. 

Which World i will be working on:

Well, i'm afraid i only have one hehe so i'll focus all my effort on Yeia and to fully develop the lore of my world and to help me finding new ideas for my world and to explore issues that i haven't covered till now. 

The Area:

I'll focus on the Blatian Empire or the Oronai kingdoms as i've been doing these months. But i'll all depend of the prompts, perhaps they will help me with the developing of the elven realms.  Also i need to work a bit more on the religions of my world, so i think that the prompts will surely help me with that. 

How much am i aiming to complete?

Well, not the entirety of my world because that would be impossible considering the many realms that form it. But  i'm confident that  at least the basics of the world would be complete thanks to Summer Camp. 

When i will write:

I'm not quite sure about the first week, but the rest of the month, i'll be writing every day in the afternoon when i'm more free. 

My goal:

  To try and complete as many prompts as possible, and hopefully earning the diamond badge, who knows?. I'll do my best!!!  
“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” – Yoda

My Support Network:

The amazing community of World Anvil in Discord. I've found really nice people that gave me a lot of feedback and have encouraged me to continue worldbuilding. 

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12 Jun, 2021 22:33

Sounds like some good goals! :D You can do it! I hope the prompts will be useful for you!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
13 Jun, 2021 19:54

Thank you Serukis!!, i hope it so!! My world is still on a early stage and hopefully those articles will help me developing my world more!

12 Jun, 2021 22:56

Some wonderful goals! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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13 Jun, 2021 19:56

Thank you Jroster!!, it would be the first Summer camp for me so i'll do my best and trying to not dissapoint you!! hehe

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
15 Jun, 2021 17:42

Looks great! I like that you picked a couple regions (but not the whole world!) and could jump between them if the prompt hits you better with one vs the other.

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