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Nights in the desert

Nights in the desert are a very peculiar yet very popular holiday tradition in Unhelion. This tradition dates back thousands of years. Treatises of the early dynasties of the kingdom recommended spending nights in the desert as a way of relaxation and to contemplate the sky full of endless stars, comets and planets.
Each weekend and specially during the spring and summer seasons entire families go into the desert and place their tents. Sometimes they are alone but most of the times the Sun elves form little camps that resemble those of those of their Desert elf brothers. There they share a communal dinner or it also could be the case that each family decide to eat alone in their respective tent. Then, when midnight approaches, they lie carpets in the sand and lay down watching the night sky. Many of the kids also decide to play with their  Ilidari or playing games with each other.
This kind of festival or holiday is also done during Howadz, the Festival of the Stars (that is celebrated the same way by the Desert Elves). Indeed the bond between Sun and Desert Elves is so strong that some Sun Elf families that have desert elf friends or relatives decide to spend the Howadz in a Desert elf camp.

Preparations for the festival

The day before going into the desert, Sun elf families prepare everything necessary (food, drinks, their tent or tents, the mules or horses to transport everything etc... .). When the day of the festival arrives many elven shops in the main elven cities close and families began their little "exodus" to the desert. In the biggest cities large jams can be formed (Thankfully Sun elf soldiers and authorities are very good managing this type of situations (after thousands of years confronting these problems).
Once the families reach a suitable area in the desert, not too far yet not too close from the city, they place their tents. This is a family work where everyone must help the others erecting the tents. After this is complete, the women of the family prepare the bread, while the men prepare either coffee or tea.

Witness that amazing bowl of stars....

When this task is finished its almost noon. Its around this time when the party begins. When the last beams of light can be seen at the horizon its dinner time!. The traditional meal for this festival consists of a dish called Aambas, bread with vegetables, onion and tomatoes, and honey cakes accompanied with the coffee or tea prepared before.
Once dinner is finished, its time for dancing and singing around the campfire and, the last ritual in order to finish this awesome night, the moment everybody is waiting! lying in the desert sand and look up to the sky and see the stars, the galaxies, the comets, the planets, this wonderful sight and a testimony to the power of the gods. But remember not to fall asleep, as temperatures in the desert can change drastically. So, return to your tent, near the campfire, take your blanket and spend the night there! After this wonderful experience with your family you're ready to return to the city inspired by the peace of the desert and the beauty of the night sky.

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