Dorstulon, the city of the Ten Walls

"Then, go to the city of the Ten Walls, because that is the will of the Gods, to send the strongest of all the humans to avenge the injustice committed against noble king Euron . If you succeed, thousands of bards across thousands of generations will praise your deeds with beautiful poems and music, and your names will became synonymous with piety and glory”. Words of the Oracle of Cadmydia to the hero Metadion according with the Saga of Dorstulon, seris epic book written around 629 BP.
Davidion, son of pious Peuvlon and the most noble goddess Kelsia, daughter of Abbon Shabai and Tyr, hearing of king Lerimeus had challenged him to a duel, put on his bronze cuirass and after picking his weapons he mounted on his beautiful chariot with its two speedy white horses sending to him by the Gods, and went straight on to the battlefield. There he announced himself to his foe in front of everybody saying these words: "Oh King Lerimeus, who defied all the Gods, and was accomplice of the greatest of all injustices , here I am, accepting this duel that you so much desire. And I'll not rest until i kill you with the help of the Immortals and my spear, in order to bring divine justice to all who think that can do as they please without obeying the commands that are given from Heaven”. Extract from the War of Dorstulon, written in the early Ikarian Language around 1.000 BP
  No other Heroic tale have had such a profound legacy in the culture and psyche of the Davidovian peoples as The Siege of Dorstulon, the city of the Ten Walls . Although it has been recorded in different books and each version has slightly variations of the story, the main plot is similar in every nation of the so called Davidovian peoples. Every person knows this tale by memory as there is the book that every child uses to learn how to read and memorize texts. It has also inspired many other legends that form part of the corpus of mythology of the Davidovian peoples. But although the name of the heroes, kings and kingdoms is well known, one question remains, where is Dorstulon, the famous city of the time of the heroes?.  

The Mythical city

  According to the famous epic tale, Durstolon was the capital of the kingdom of Passania (probably in modern day Lashel) and was ruled by king Euron. It was protected by ten layers of walls, thus the meaning of its name and it was also famous for its gardens and its strong fortified acropolis, where the palace of king Euron was located. The city also had a thriving commercial harbour and one of the first lighthouse known to mankind.   The epic tales also tell us that the king of Passania's neighbouring nation, king Elysias was jealous of the wealth and prosperity of Dorstulon and decided to take the city for himself. he formed a coalition with other human kings across the continent of Karia and the Dark Elves and gathered the best heroes of the region. Together they invaded Passania and besieged Euron's capital. But they couldn't assault it successfully. So Elysias asked the Dark Elves to perform evil dark magic and created an army of "demons" who were superior to every common human. They also called the God of Night and Death for help and he hid the sun with very dark clouds. With all of these powers in their side the army of Elysias assaulted the city and captured the queen alongside their two daughters and two of his three sons and killed them, forcing king Euron and his youngest son Abraios to scape to Teria, where he send petitions of help to the kings and heroes of the land, who answered the call , muster their armies and cross the sea to reconquer Dorstulon, something that achieved after 15 long years.   After the war ended the city was in a horrible state. Its mighty walls destroyed, its palaces sacked, its gardens overgrown . But also a legend tells us that 300 years after the war, thanks to a succession of Passanian kings since Euron himself, the city recovered much of its former splendour. But by 3000 BP, when the seris crossed into Karia there was no mention to Durstolon. Legend among Davidovian peoples says that the city was punished by the god of the Sea, when a king of Durstolon refused to pay sacrifices to the god of the Sea, and the god in turn, offended because he had saved his ancestor Euron at the time of Elysias's attack, created a tsunami that destroyed the city completely. Other legend says that the city was destroyed by an earthquake and never rebuilt, some 1000 years before The seris crossed into what it would be his homeland.  

Possible locations

  Seris tradition point to the city of Autumwall in Lashel, as the legendary capital of Euron's kingdom. (Asurlan I, seris Emperor even visited what was suposedly was the tomb of the fallen heroes outside the city, and inside it the tomb of king Euron himself).   Other Seris and Ikarian legend points to the city of Shiruz or Meydatom in Seria as other possible locations for Dorstulon.   But until nowadays the location of the city of the great epic remains a mystery, but Autumwall as the location for the city seems a very good hypothesis, yet, no historian or antiquarian has investigated the site more deeply.

unknown (probably before the late Bronze Age)

Founding Date
Early Bronze Age
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