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The Visitors' Night

A merry time celebrating friendship and shared struggles.

Related to Penegastor "The Crescent" God of the Moon in the first line, and his visitors Mercerion "The Tale Spinner" God of Stories and Banter, Helenor "The Aurora Crown", God of Beauty and Gifts and Corval - The Everheart


It is unclear, when the festival starte to be celebrated but it is linked especially to the drow and wood-elven culture of the Far Regard Iles. Form there, it must have spread during the time of the Orbirian Empire, since even the Barren Lands have their own form of the celebration.


On Visitors' Night is tradition to have a meal together with your friends and chosen family. Usually, every guest brings a side-dish and the host will have a meat-based roulade if they can afford it or a meat pie otherwise. Dinner is served with a generous amount of alcohol, that may make the night unforgettable - or a blank slate in the morning. After dinner, people sit together and exchange shared stories.   It is very common to bring a token of appreciation for everyone to the meal, in the form of flowers, gifts or handwritten cards.


Penegastor - Xyvener's moon - has the clostest full appearance the world on the 27th of Rovassan. On this day, the contrast between the moon and the shadows of it's three small moons is enough to to be visible to the naked eye. Because it is not known that the dark shadows moving across Penegastor's surface are always circling the moon, this annual occurence is interpreted as three other deities visiting Penegastor.   If the sky is cloudy or the weather is bad, this means that the gods required privacy to have some fun - and is taken as a sign of enhanced fertility.
27th of Rovassan
One night
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