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16th day of Befice, 2102 PCE

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Long ago, the faerie goddess Lluellen found a kindred spirit in a dragon. With their union, the vast world was born. Her touch left green, lush forest. Her breath imparted wisdom to creatures great and small. Her love spread magic to every corner of the map. Her wisdom is left to teach.   Xumlandia is a place of myth and magic. Many creatures - most of them intelligent - populate its shores, peaks and valleys. They are found in lakes, rivers and oceans. They have adapted to the mystical energies found randomly within the world, some harnessing the power in fruit where others use it in technology. Political and military struggles abound. Forgotten languages and artifacts are waiting to be found. Powerful oppressors are as numerous as the downtrodden who desire drive to overthrow them. Religion. Gentrification. Commerce. Art. Exploration. All are vast and numerous.   But above them all is the promise magic holds. And understanding that magic is perhaps the ultimate goal to understand the creations of Lluellen.   Lluellens love, wisdom and power are still felt in this modern age.
Across the lands are myriad creatures. Humans are prevalent in many ethic groups. Stone people who keep to themselves; upright animals knows as Timberfolk that have many human features. Fairies, Pixies, vile beasts, mystical fruit . . . all these and more populate the diverse landscape that is Xumlandia.

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