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Large woodland creatures that are lorded over by Wolves. They generally resemble Anthromorphs of various animals.


Timber folk come in many different varieties, but all of them are types of mammals. They normally stand erect although there are times when they will move on all fours for speed. Timber folk vary in size tremendously because the animals they represent are different in size, but they do tend to be a between a human child and a bear with the exception of Great Wolves. Great Wolves are giant wolves that speak; they are often 4-6 feet at the shoulder. They are the commanding species of Timber Folk, often guarding the forest and occasionally feeding on their subjects…but they prefer to feed on giant game. Most Timber folk however have a love/hate relationship with humans. They wish to be more human and mimic many aspects held by the Race of Man, yet they are jealous of them at heart. Despite that jealousy they live in harmony (mostly) with their human neighbors and can often be found at markets.


Most Timber folk live in the Timberlands. The Timberlands are located in the vast forest that is sometimes referred to as "The Woodland" or "The Wild." Timber folk can however be found almost anywhere in the world as they have traveled far and wide. They construct huts, dams and dens in which to live but no matter how ‘human’ their taste may be they always show their primal side in whatever dwelling they’ve inhabited. There are a few cities of note:
  • Florshiem. This is the governing capitol for the western Timberlands. It’s a sizable city that is close to The Great Northern Plains.
  • Cole and Hahn. These twin cities serve as their largest trade center, their spiritual home and is the home of the true governing body. It is located deep within the Timberlands.
  • Prada. This city is somewhat close to Mirada and is a blatant attempt to copy the human way of life. This city is almost human in its design and in fact several humans were involved in its construction. However this city almost never has the Great Wolves within its limits.
  • Saucony. This is the home of the Military and where the Great Wolves will co-ordinate their militia which is located across the Timberlands.

Global Politics

Timber folk very often fall into two modes. The former is to be as human as possible, looking for the same recognition that humans enjoy in most halls and even threatening with military might should things not go their way. The second mode when that fails is to become Prey Folk & beseech the Wind Lords for protection or political influence. The Great Wolves on the other hand are not enamored of Man and don’t feel the same way towards the Wind Lords. They are much more likely to be environmentalists and their bite is feared by all that walk the land.
  • Allies: The Wind Lords tend to look out for the Prey Folk who are in turn very subservient to The Wind Lords . Dragonelles tend to feel pity for many of the Folk which fits with the general pacifist/environmental position of the Dragonelles .
  • Adversaries: There is a surprising friction between Timber Folk and the Sandscrits of Zenubia , though no known conflict has been revealed. Some humans do not care for the members of the Timber Folk who strive to be more like the race of Man.


This is a varied list as they are found in many areas of the world.
  • Worldspeak . The global tongue.
  • Limited Avian. They can understand the language of The Lords but rarely are they able to speak it.
  • Species Dialect. Each species (Fox, Badger, etc.) has its own dialect.

Disposition/Character Notes

They are as varied as humans and in that respect they are very close to the race of Man. Most of them are friendly with humans and are eager to help them. They do tend to follow some of the stereotypical aspects of their species (Beavers often are busy while Foxes are cunning) but they are not bound to that persona 24/7. They can be any role in a party. Great Wolves tend to look down on most races, but not in the same aristocratic manner that the Wind Lords do. They tend to see Man as foolish, Lords as blow hards and Timber Folk as mislead. However they will befriend a soul that they feel is either pure or needs their specific direction.


Timber Folk all have at least one power or stunt.
  • Species Ability. There is an ability each Timber Folk possesses that is unique.


As follows.
  • Almost Human. They are very close to human, or are they? Invoke. Understanding how humans travel and empathizing with them. Compel. Getting closer to watch humans, even in their most private moments.
  • Not Quite Human. They are definitely not of the Race of Man. Invoke. A spell that is more effective against Man is easier to resist. Compel. The need to be wild, sometimes at the most inopportune moment.
  • Species Aspect. Like the power each Timber Folk has an aspect that is derived from their species.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Timberfolk all give birth to live young.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Each Timberfolk has added abilities based on the standard creature from which they are derived.
According to the Thome of Lluellen, the most grand of the fey evolved the creatures herself to equal footing with the other intelligent beings in the world.

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