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Among the most common species found on Xumlandia, Humans are the second most populate slightly behind Timberfolk to be encountered. They come in several ethnic groups with varying traits. From the warrior Masadans to the wise and scholarly Zenubians, human culture is as varied as the the topography.   While it is common to find a predominant ethic group in a given area (Plainsfolk are most common on The Great Plains while Zenubians are more common near the Zenubian Desert) it is quite common to find a varied cultural mix across the world.
  They live across the globe and are perhaps the most varied race in the world.


Standard human.


Humans live in a number of environments in Xumlandia, and to this point there are two major cities that have not as yet been mentioned.
  • Granada. This is the largest center of commerce in the world. It is a major center of trade and travel and as a result they have come into contact with many different races of the globe. It is a city of stone and wood, brick and mortar, spreading wide with varied structures.
  • Mirada. Mirada is known as the city of Glass and Light. Here one will find philosophers, librarians, poets, actors and performers of all kinds. This is also a place where magic users are found (in limited abundance) as Mirada is held as the city of Human Hope. It is not made of emeralds.

Global Politics

They are humans so they have human concerns.   Granada: The primary focus is anything that would be a financial gain or that would boost the world’s economy.
  • Allies: Anyone that is a fan of commerce. They will trade with almost anyone.
  • Adversaries: Masada is viewed as a house of mercenaries, but anyone who has something that Granada wants can quickly find themselves on the wrong side of Granada.
Mirada: They are not fond of politics; they will always strive for the arts.
  • Allies: Dragonelles are very fond of Mirada, as are the Wind Lords .
  • Adversaries: Dark Dwellers see this city as the land of sin. Granada will occasionally view Mirada in a negative light, especially if they are taking funds away from the coffers of the moneychangers.


Humans run the basic gamut.
  • Worldspeak . They will always be able to converse in this tongue.
  • Local language. Humans are very quick to adapt and will pick up the local tongue when they have been exposed to a given language for a significant period of time.


They are humans and they act like them. They can be and do almost anything.


Human power set.
  • Strength in Numbers. Humans tend to be stronger in numbers when they join as the race of Man. This is a +1 that can be added to almost any group endeavor. Cost: 1
  • Resilient and Resourceful. All humans have a knack for survival and are able to learn almost anything. They are only limited by their imagination. Cost: 1


As follows based on the city:
Grandans: As a citizen of Granada they have the following:
  • Trade City Dweller. They are used to market & trade and gain a bonus in haggling matters. They also get a bonus in dealing with wealth. Invoke: Getting a good deal for that goat. Compel: How much for the women?
  • Greed is not so bad. The citizens of Granada are a proponent of the Free Market where any edge is a good one. People know this about city folk and they act accordingly. Invoke: Noticing that the shield has a large dent & you should pay less for it. Compel: Asking if the shield has flaws so he can get a better price.
Miradans: Here is what they share.
  • The City of Arts is my home. Mirada is a glorious home for the arts and the artful, where poetry and paintings are as common as food and drink. They have a bonus in dealing with items involving the liberal arts as well as a bonus to presence when speaking in public (any audience over 3 will do). Invoke: Pleading the case to set his friends free. Compel: Beginning to be ‘Dramatic’ in court.
  • Pleasure is not a sin; Art is Life! They value art in all its forms over almost anything, and people know it. They are quite unapologetic for the Vegas-like lifestyle that the city fosters. Invoke: Looking for a good time! Compel: A good time = Blackjack & Hookers!

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