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Coria, the second largest continent of Xiantar is home to many peoples. While this continent is quite a peaceful one it has a very rough history which led to today's borders and nations. Peoples of Coria do proper from the rather peaceful surrounding, they established a coexistence of different folks. The nations have various economic connections between each other. However, there are still some areas that are scarcely travelled, and which might hide undiscovered treasures, culturally or economically. Coria has always been in existence, at least since history can tell. Three main mountain ranges and a diversity of flora and fauna do offer a lot to adventurers and travelers.


Coria is a continent of threes:
  • It is surrounded by the Adjoursee, Madaso See and Kratur See. Three major mountain ranges shape the face of the continent: Goleda Massiv, Dystanzine Berge and Malda Massiv.
  • Three volcanos are on the surface, although only one of them, Mount Echodoria is still active.
  • Three major lakes influence the surrounding habitats: Lake Tyrol, Lake Hael and Lake Kylych. Each of them contains one island. Each of these is home to another nation. The nations of Arenau and Tyl are quite strongly connected to the neigboring folks whereas the nation of Barr does enjoy to keep themselves separated from the other peoples.
  • Three different types of forest dominate the land, from the conifers north through deciduous to jungle, all sorts of flora can be found.
  The dessert lands of Nialoc as well as the swamps of Gors are small in size but do cause struggles for any people wanting to pass through them. Some brave people even settled there. Through generations, they started to adopt to the hostile environments and formed some visible adjustments (see the nations' description for more details).   A prominent and impressive structure can be found in the south of Coria, the long cliff range of Rhaniad separates the high from the lowlands. Its impressive edges throw a deep shadow over most of Rhaniad. In its midst, a wonderful yet deadly waterfall ensures steady noise which is widely heard. Locals call this waterfall (or, to be precise the cumulation of various waterfalls and steep edges) the Force of Elyd (Elyd being the god of nature and law).
Coria with Names
by Metalmaid
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