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Technical Caste

A single minded devotion to the pursuit of science and its application for the greatness of Xah; that is what being a Technical means. The Technical caste are Xah's scientists, medics and teachers, and are unique in Xah's strict genetic purity in that genetic material from any source is accepted; so long as the donor has shown intellectual brilliance. It is the minds of Technical who plan the genetic charts, invent new technologies, and keep Xahain science at the forefront of humanity.   There is a common stereotype amongst non-Xahians that members of the Technical caste are the typical 'egghead' with a reedy voice, enlarged craniums and requiring thick glasses. However, outwardly, Technical caste members are as diverse as any other with no discernible difference in morphology than baseline human. They are perhaps slightly disposed towards more sedentary lifestyles, and as such have more than their fair share of overweight members, but the enforced rigidity of Xahain society and its restrictive selection of diet, tends to counter this. Mentally, Technical caste members are very different. No functional member of the caste has low intelligence, and in any other social group, they would represent the epitome of mental capability. This does come with some differences; the Technical caste has more than the typical number of individuals on the autism spectrum, and instances of sociopathic behaviour indicators are more common (although almost never violent). The stereotype of Technical caste members being socially awkward is based on some merit; most caste members are exceedingly focused on their work, making social gatherings either uncommon, or quiet events with a lot 'shop talk'.   As with all castes, members of the Technical caste are sterile through design, and reproduction is considered a role of the geneticists and the Mothers. For a Technical caste member to be considered for contribution to future generations, they typically have to be considered exceptional at their work, such as being involved in new discoveries, being exceptionally gifted in their field of study, or having a low instance of failed testing in their students. The technical caste also accepts genetic material from both outside the caste and, unheard of in other castes, outside of the closed Xahian society. Talented and exceptional individuals from anywhere are considered to be targets and although the genetic sampling is often received voluntarily, it is not unheard of for it to be obtained clandestinely.   The Technical caste also has the highest failure rate during childhood, and more members of the Worker caste are failed Technical caste than any other.
Scientific Name: Homo Sapien Logicae
Lifespan: 110 years
Average Height: 1.6 to 1.9 meters
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