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The birthplace of humanity holds a cultural and historical place in the psyche of humanity, but has long since been eclipsed by other worlds in almost every aspect, from population and industry, to political and scientific importance. During the age of the Keyhole Network, it held vital importance¬†as the centre KHE System - all Keyholes eventually led to Sol giving it its status as the prime hub. All KHE synchronicity was based on a Universal Standard held by the politically neutral organisation known as Locksmith, based in Geneva on Earth. With the invention of the FourDrive, Earth lost this final vestige of importance.   Currently Earth is held by the Federation of Xah, who use it predominantly as little more than bragging rights. Its population has been kept artificially low, and the system has not been extensively exploited in several centuries, to retain its historical condition.
Stellar Category   Official Star name: Sol
Spectral Class: G2
    Geography   Total system population: 180,979,219,430
Planets: 8
Alternative Name(s)
The Solar System
Star System
Included Locations
Owning Organization

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