"Kuuriks are my favourite pets. Very independant. Very smart, as well. You'd be better off watching from a distance, lest you lose your hand." Rolan, The Forest Goddess


Getting up close and personal with a Kuurik is nearly impossible. They generally do not like human contact and will only get close or appear to those they deem acceptable. Seeing a Kuurik is considered great luck and something to be remembered. They magically pop in and out of existence in a burst of glitter around the forest. It seems that they go in and out of the fey realm this way. Those they favour, they will follow around Rolan’s Grove, often from a distance.


Kuuriks are curious fey-like creatures that closely resemble Maine Coone cats with antlers. They have very shiny and often colourful bits of fur that mixes in with their normal fur and isn't noticeable until you see it up close. If you do manage to get close to one, they tend to make people nervous, as if you were in the presence of royalty. Fur colours range as any normal Maine Coone would, just with bits of colourful and/or shiny (often golden or silver) fur mixed in as well.

Kuurik by Leashea


The favoured pets of Rolan, finding them in Rolan's Garden is not unusual. If you happen to meet her, Rolan is often seen and depicted in art and books as wearing a mask with the likeness of a Kuurik. Rolan also seems ethereal and very fey-like in her nature. Many often wonder if she is one or not.


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