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Material Characteristics

Tuergo usually has a deep blue tint after the flower pigment from which it comes, but can occasionally be deep red for the same reason. It is otherwise translucent.

Physical & Chemical Properties

While normal glass is strong but brittle when impacted, tuergo is slightly less strong but can bend before it breaks. After it cools, it is significantly more malleable and ductile.

Geology & Geography

Legends say that the tuerya originates from the continent of Retkokua. It is only found in Wlitoraru'u and western Keyrit, getting more sparse the farther away from the coastline it is, suggesting that the seeds for the plant carried themselves across the Orayi Sea. It is the only plant with that specific distribution (possibly because, as an invasive species, it dominated the other plant life in the area), so it has a deep connection for the Kauaru and their descendants. They could never truly realize their home and so visualized it through the tuerya.   From there, the Ugo-yt and Wlitowa had practically unlimited abundances of sand, to be used for any purpose. By mixing the old world with the new, the Kauaru had both metaphorically and physically poignant material.

Origin & Source

The tuerya is a long-stemmed flower with small petals. These petals carry a specific anthocyanin, the primary ingredient for tuergo. While the purest pigment is found from crushing the tiny petals via mortar and pestle, the pigment just as easily appears when the plant itself is thrown into a blender and blended.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Kauaru used tuergo wherever applicable. They wore shoes of tuergo. They were buried in caskets of tuergo. They made scupltures out of tuergo. Oaths were made by drinking out of glasses of tuergo. Just as the Kauaru faded into humanity, however, their practices faded into modern culture. It became a fashionable thing to use tuergo at parties, and tuergo jewelry was cheap but good-looking.
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