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Rgo Varirai: Glass Blowers



Glassblowing was once an ample profession in Wlitowa. Second only to fish, it was once Ak'tawo's top export, and most common craft profession. It was not that Wlitowa glass was the finest (the best glass purportedly came from volcanic ash in Keyrit), but the sandy shores of the once-small fishing village brimmed with fine sand. Any household with a hot enough forge and tools could find no shortage of industry.   The man who would become the first king of Wlitowa, however, cut his tongue on a broken glass bottle. He had already finished a bottle of Tuhran wine but was unable to pop the cork out of another. He thus broke the neck of the bottle and began to drink from the broken bottle. Hurt by the cut, he declared that glass was banished from Wlitowa. Let alone that it was Tuhran glass that was the king's misery. Royal decree made in a drunken stupor was still royal decree, and glassblowing was by proxy made illegal for the entire duration of the Wlitowa Authority.   Sand was far from as lucrative a good as glass, but it was the only legal remnant of the glassblowing economy. Thusly, sand was sent off to Keyrit and Tuhra for use in their crafts. Glass stamped with the fine-quality Keyrit-made seal often had course sand from Wlitowa.   Those who stuck with their trade had few options. Using their forges for other crafts, such as jewelry and metalworking, would butt into the other well-established professions. The few glassblowers who switched professions lowered public opinion for the trade in general, making the title "rgo" an insult marked by incompetence and poor craftsmanship.   Those who could afford it moved to other nations, but a large amount of households went underground. They left the heavily-patrolled Ak'tawo and continued their profession along the countryside. Scientists in search of vials paid good money for glass, and the glass in turn supported the rural economies.
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