The rabbits in the moon were fierce warriors during the War Against the Far Realm. Without their native knowledge of the Moon after the Shattering, the mortals of Erathia could very well have been exterminated. We owe them our thanks.

We don't get many of them down here dirtside, but the few rabbit warriors I've run into were tough sons of bunnies! They're on the small side, but those little mother-fluffles can jump!

This tribe of rabbitfolk lives in the Great Warren on the Lapin Shard. Their settlement floats a mile above the Surface of the Shattered Moon and they travel amongst the other Shards of Thaya with the moon balloons that they developed themselves.

Surviving the Shattering

Before the Night of the Shattered Moon, the Lapin were one of a dozen tribes of rabbitfolk who eked out a living on a moon that barely supported life. Their Great Warren, built underneath the moon's largest beech tree was also the largest lunar settlement, with a population of around 8,000 rabbitfolk and a few other sophonts, They lived a peaceful life of farming and limited trading amongst far-flung settlements.

Then their world literally shattered at the beginning of the Far War. The Great Warren was thrown into the sky where it miraculously remained in place, and every other tribe was wiped out. The armies of the Far Realm garrisoned on the shattered surface and the rabbits hid on their newly created Lapin Shard.

Learning to Fight

Until the Shattering, the Lapin lived an idyllic life in harmony with the moon and few worries. Now they found themselves living in the remnants of their world, in the middle of an interdimensional war, and literally floating in the air. They hid from the invading forces for as long as possible. When the time came, they had to adapt or die. These rabbits did more than that, they learned how to fight.

When the time came, they had to adapt or die. These rabbits did more than that, they learned how to fight.

The Lapins were a matriarchal society led by the Mother Rabbit with a tradition of strong druidic magic. Some say that deep in the Warren the Mother cried. Her tears upon feeling the death of Thaya grew into globes of glowing light. At the heart of the Lapin Shard, those tears are what hold all the Shards in the sky. Others dismiss such notions as old rabbit's tales.

Regardless of the truth, the Lapin made the best of the horrific situation they were trapped in. They took the miracle of a second chance and were determined to make something of it. They created the moon balloon technology to allow them to travel to the other newly created shards. They turned their farming implements: flails, sickles, and pitchforks, into weapons of war. They fought the invaders wherever they came upon them.

A few years after the Shattering, the mortal armies of the Shattered Moon Coalition came upon them. The armies of the world below were shocked to discover a capable society that had been tempered by the struggles they had been through.

The Lapin joined the Coalition to fight alongside the other mortal races. They eventually won their home back from the invading aberrations. These rabbitfolk claimed their status as the only sophonts native to the Shattered Moon.

Thoroughly Modern Rabbits

Today the Lapin enjoy their status as heroes of the Far War. Although allied with Thaya's Vindicators, they are not officially part of that organization. Regardless, they have an agreement with the Vindicators that any Lapin may secure an open berth on the monthly flight of Telperion Skyships traveling between the moon and the world below.

On the moon, with the elves and druids focused on their eternal war, the rabbits maintain trade between the far-flung shards. Their moon balloons are a welcome sight for shard dwellers not involved in the ongoing hunt for the remaining aberrations.

My grandfather was a farmer, who dug in the ground.

My warrior father freed the moon from its bonds.

My moon balloon trades between the shards all around.

My kits will live on the world and the stars beyond.


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