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House Heskiloth

The House of Heskiloth are known as the "Elves Who Dream" and hold the title of Exalted of Dreams. On the world of Erathia they have been given the responsibility of sleeping and dreaming for the elves of Erathia.

The elvish people do not sleep. Like other elves throughout the multiverse, they instead engage in a meditative trance to rest their minds. They fear the chaos of their uncontrolled thoughts, preferring to control their minds and practice lucid dreaming. However, in the world of Erathia, the Lords of Dreaming demand that some amount of dreaming must take place.

Sometime in the distant path, House Heskiloth volunteered to be the dreaming scapegoats for all the elves. The head of House Heskiloth was given the title, Exalted of Dreams, and they sacrificed their trance for the sake of their people.

Sentinel of the Dreamscape

The previous Exalted of Dreams, Dillothel Heskiloth left the symbol of her house, the Moon Blade of House Heskiloth, with her son Dregrion Heskiloth when she led the Legions of House Heskiloth onto the Telperion Skyships of the First Armada. She had a premonition that their venture would not fare well. Thirion Elf-King refused to believe her and all of the warriors of House Heskiloth were lost in the void between the moon and the world.

As she died, the Exalted of Dreams opened a portal into the Realm of Dreams. She saved the sould of the elves from being lost to the cycle of reincarnation and stands as their undead guardian to this day.

The Last Dreamer

Like many elves of his generation, Dregrion was lost after the death of most of the world's elves. He faded into obscurity during those dark days and never took up the mantle of Exalted of Dreams. He sold the Moon Blade of his house to buy liquor to drown out the dreams that he did not want. He ended his days in a drunken stupor, choking on his own vomit.

The elves had no time or patience during those desperate days. Who had time for dreams when the elves were in danger of going extinct? As the elves focused on survival, they became hard and practical. They focused on the great work of rebuilding their people and waging war on the Shattered Moon.

The last scion of House Heskiloth, Elenwe Heskiloth grew up in obscurity. The only child of a failed marriage, El grew up in the Feywild as an Entulesse Foster.

When El came back to Erathia they evaded their responsibility, joining the Order of Light and engaging in petty crime and micro-aggressions against those in power. He renounced his elfhood and lived life for himself.

Eventually, identifying as a woman, she was drawn into the events surrounding the rise of the Hidden Moon and has been slowly realizing how important her role is for the elves. Now she has begrudgingly accepted her destiny, claiming the Moon Blade from Cabron Elf-King and integrating her elvishness back into herself.

The Elves Who Dream

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