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Voekerian species is a combination of spirits of Celestial creatures that have been cursed with undeath. As a result, they cannot pass on to their Celestial home and are unwelcome in the lands of the dead. Typically Voekerian wonders aimlessly between planes. They are seeking a place of their own.   Voekerian have the physical appearance of the original species. They are also forever the age they were impacted by the undead curse. This curse of undeath is something that can't be removed even with a wish spell. Those that become Voekerian have either done something extremely dishonorable in their past or been victims of an evil Celestial. Those that become Voekerian slowly lose pigmentation and appear albino.   One must have a unique enchanted band to be bound to the material plane. This band tends to be a deep Cobalt blue color. However, this band also allows a Voekerian to undergo a mirror image effect. They can choose to create up to 3 additional copies of themselves with the enchanted band looking ruby red.   Voekerian has difficulty communicating via standard speech due to a lack of physical form. Typically if their original species could speak Celestial or Abyssal, they can still talk that naturally. The other languages are broken speech patterns of simple words associated with their origin species.  

History & Discovery

Voekerian's as a species didn't exist until Ibara discovered and created them accidentally. Ibara was a Celestial unicorn whose goal in life was to protect the Guardian Forest and the Vin Life Tree from corruption.   Sometime during the Second Great War: War of Shadows on the Continent of Renstrom, a ship was blown so far out into the Unstable Ocean that the wreckage could make it into The Ethereal Tides. From The Ethereal Tides, survivors from the Continent of Renstrom drifted to the shore of the Continent of Vinciral. Ibara was kind to these survivors and let them settle in a village called Vin Lodahr. This set off some of the first stages of breaking the Vow Tangible.   With the Vow Tangible starting to break, the forest Ibara was to protect began to corrupt them. In their ever-growing corruption, visions wreck their mind. These visions ultimately cracked their unicorn horn, and chaotic flames erupted from Ibara. As the corruption set in Ibara changed and learned of darker Celestial magic. They learned of a curse to cause those impacted to never be allowed to cross onto the out planes of existence. As evil grew in their heart, the thought of having an army to themself to protect the Guardian Forest and Vin Life Tree. So Ibara The Betrayer was born as they turned the people of Vin Lodahr into the first Voekerian. They turned into albino dwarven-looking creatures with blue armbands. They are seeking those that wish to break the Vow Tangible, at least for now per Ibara The Betrayer's wishes.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
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