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The Dark Tide


The Dark Tide is a notorious group of pirates led by Pirate King Captain Samuel "Ironheart" Rodriguez. It is organized into two main divisions: The Shadow Division, commanded by Captain Thorne "The Whisper" Blackwood, and The Hammer Division, led by Captain Aric "The Blade" Winters. The Pirate King oversees the entire operation, and each council member is in charge of multiple vessels within their respective divisions.


The Dark Tide values strength, power, and loyalty above all else. They follow a strict code of honor amongst themselves and demand complete devotion to the Pirate King and the organization. Ruthless and unyielding, they believe that the end justifies the means, leading to a reputation for using brutal violence and underhanded tactics to achieve their objectives. Despite this, they have their own ethical guidelines, such as plundering only from the wealthy and respecting the code and council.

Public Agenda

As a secretive and nefarious pirate syndicate, The Dark Tide does not have a publicly declared agenda. Instead, they operate in the shadows, wreaking havoc on the high seas, targeting valuable ships and territories, and amassing vast wealth and power through piracy. Their main focus lies in expanding their influence and eliminating rival pirate factions, such as The Crimson Corsairs, with whom they have a bitter history.


Originally part of the Scarlet Tide, The Dark Tide became a separate entity due to disputes over territory and treasure, leading to a rivalry with The Crimson Corsairs. Led by the formidable Pirate King Captain Samuel "Ironheart" Rodriguez, they have established an extensive network of informants and spies to gather intelligence and maintain control over the pirate underworld. The Dark Tide is always on the lookout for new recruits, subjecting them to rigorous trials and loyalty tests to prove their worthiness. Their organization's history is one of power struggles, daring exploits, and a fearsome reputation that echoes across the seas.

Death before surrender

Laws & Ethics

Strength Above All:

The Dark Tide places a high value on strength and power. Every member, known as a paladin, is expected to continuously strive to become stronger both physically and mentally. They must train rigorously and push their limits to achieve their goals and ensure their survival in the cutthroat world of piracy.  

Loyalty to the Pirate King:

The Pirate King, Captain Samuel "Ironheart" Rodriguez, is the ultimate leader of The Dark Tide. As a paladin in the organization, unwavering loyalty to the Pirate King and the cause of The Dark Tide is non-negotiable. Members are required to follow the Pirate King's orders without question and work relentlessly to advance the goals and ambitions of their leader.  

The End Justifies the Means:

The Dark Tide is notorious for its unscrupulous methods and lack of mercy. As a paladin within the organization, one must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives, regardless of the morality of their actions. Whether it involves cunning strategies, deception, or brutal violence, the end result is all that matters in their pursuit of wealth, power, and dominance on the high seas.  

Dark Tide Code of Piracy:

The organization adheres to a set of rules and principles known as the Dark Tide Code of Piracy.   Loyalty to the Pirate King and the Dark Tide above all else:
The Pirate King's commands are paramount, and the interests of The Dark Tide take precedence over personal matters.   Plunder only from those who can afford it and never from fellow pirates:
The Dark Tide targets wealthy vessels and coastal settlements, avoiding conflicts with other pirate crews to maintain a sense of camaraderie within the pirate underworld.   No quarter for enemies who refuse to surrender:
The Dark Tide shows no mercy to those who resist their plundering. Surrender or mercy is rarely offered, and those who oppose them face swift and ruthless consequences.   A fair share of the loot for all who participated in the raid:
Spoils from successful raids are distributed fairly among all crew members involved in the operation, encouraging unity and camaraderie among the pirates.   Respect for the code and the council, and swift punishment for those who break it:
The Dark Tide operates under a council system, and disrespecting the code or the decisions of the council is met with severe consequences, often leading to expulsion or even death.  

Recruiting for The Dark Tide:

Recruiting new members is an essential and ongoing endeavor for The Dark Tide, a notorious pirate syndicate. The organization's survival and expansion depend on bolstering its ranks with skilled and loyal individuals who are willing to embrace the ruthless and cunning ways of piracy. To identify potential recruits, The Dark Tide employs a network of talented scouts who discreetly observe various ports and pirate havens, keeping an eye out for individuals displaying exceptional skills or cunning. Prospective members undergo a rigorous and demanding recruitment process, which includes a series of challenging trials designed to filter out the weak and identify those with the potential to thrive within the organization. Loyalty to the Pirate King and unwavering commitment to The Dark Tide's cause are vital prerequisites, as aspiring members are expected to pledge their allegiance without reservation and demonstrate their willingness to follow orders without question. Successful recruits are enticed with promises of wealth, power, and status within the organization, and they are mentored by experienced pirates to sharpen their skills and adopt The Dark Tide's ruthless approach to achieving their objectives.   Generous rewards await those who prove their loyalty and dedication, making the opportunity to join The Dark Tide enticing to ambitious pirates seeking to carve their names into infamy. The organization's history of bitter rivalries and power struggles adds to its allure, drawing in individuals hungry for both adventure and the chance to be part of a legendary legacy. By adhering to their Code of Piracy and adopting the principle that "the end justifies the means," The Dark Tide ensures that only the most resolute and capable pirates are welcomed into their ranks. With their network of informants and spies, The Dark Tide casts a wide net for potential recruits, continually replenishing their crew with individuals who will further the organization's interests, expand its influence, and dominate the high seas with a fearsome reputation that resonates across the pirate underworld.

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