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Woodangian Sign Language

Woodangian sign language is a method of communication used by and to communicate with hearing impaired people. It is based on Asl or American sign language and uses English as the base language. It is a series of hand gestures and movements that are designed to form words and sentences, allowing one to communicate with out need to speak or hear.   Woodangian sign language was introduced after King Stephen III's youngest daughter gave birth to a hearing impaired child. Once it became apparent the king sent for tutors to come and teach sign language l, eventually developing a new variation of American sign language. Wsl has been promoted ever since, and was the first major example of Woodangian society becoming more inclusive to disabled people.   The promotion of sign language is just one of the many measures taken to aid disabled people throughout Woodangees, some other examples is the use of ramps over stairs in many public spaces and the use of textured security features on Woodangian Banknotes to aid vision impaired people in identifying the value of the note.

Writing System

Woodangian sign language does not have its own written alphabet and instead uses English as it's base language due to it being the ntional language.

Geographical Distribution

Woodangian sign language is used throughout Woodangees, and is heavily promoted in schools as a 2nd language option to help promote greater accessibility for hearing impaired individuals throughout Woodangian society.


Speech is not required to use Woodangian sign language but some speakers do choose to speak and sign simultaneously, allowing people who can hear and don't speak wsl to know what is being said as well.


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Aug 12, 2023 23:06 by Michael Johnson

It's so cool that this society is actively trying to improve their inclusivity by suggesting WSL as a second language. It seems you're world is based on our modern world, so using ASL as a base is a nice short hand. I found a couple minor errors (second paragraph, second sentence says "… teach sign language l, eventually developing…", with a stray "l"; under Writing System, "being the ntional language" is missing the "a" in "national") and capitilizaiton of "WSL" is inconsistent. Other than that, great job!

February brings the Cabinet of Curiosities 2024! January had my New Year's Resolutions 2024.
Aug 13, 2023 13:56 by Michael Johnson

(and then I go and misspell "capitalization" and can't edit my comment :D )

February brings the Cabinet of Curiosities 2024! January had my New Year's Resolutions 2024.