Silenced Ears

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Defend Base
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Listening Post, Grid G22
  • Weather: Clear

Situation Overview

After the savaging which was landed on Minos Firebase, the Legion of Vega has decided to hit the listening post in an attempt to keep Priam Company blind from any operations on that side of the city. With most of the heavy hitters still in repairs, a small squad is mobilized to throw back the attack. Four relay points and two buildings comprise the listening post, but the relays are the important and essential heart of the base. A very fragile heart the Legion has come to strike at.  


Primary Objective (Aggressors): The enemy is here only to silence the listening post, and for that point they are after the relays. They need to destroy three of the four relays to render the base out of commission and useless.
Primary Objective (Priam Company): Push back the attacking force, keeping them from destroying the base. Defeat over 25% of the enemy force, by Battle Value.


The Legion units start on the short edge of the map opposite from Priam Company, and enter on their first turn from any hex on that edge. Priam Company has a small head-start, being allowed to set their units within three hexes of their home edge. However, any unit deployed must be within eight hexes of all other units.
The four relay stations are set up between halfway across the map to one-third of the way from the Legion's home edge. The two buildings are placed one-third of the way closer to the Priam Company's home edge. Added to the field are 3d6 small building block elements, 1d6 large building elements, and 3d6 road elements. The road elements are set up as much as can be between the relays.  


Priam Company

  • BLR-1G (Aubrey)
    (2/4; Hot Dog)
  • WHM-6R (Olivia)
    (0/2; PPC Specialist, Lucky 1, Marksman)
  • GRF-1N (Casey)
    (3/3; Range Master: L)
  • LRM Carrier (Crazy Eight)
    (3/5; Cross-Country)
Hired Guns
  • GRF-1N ("Dead Ringer")
    (3/4; Jumping Jack)

Legion of Vega

  • HER-1A (4/5)
  • PNT-9R (3/5; Blood Stalker)
  • GRF-1S (4/5; Blood Stalker)
  • SHD-2K (2/4; Blood Stalker)
  • GRF-1N (4/4)
  • Pegasus (4/6)
  • Pegasus (5/5)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Any units from the Sanglamore battalion may retreat to any of the three buildings used for dispatching Reinforcements, as noted below.
Salvage: Salvage may be claimed from units neutralized during the battle.

Formation Notes

Not seen before this point, it is worth expanding on "Formations". Forces which have a high amount of training and discipline have the chance to form "Formations" in the case of Lances. Each Lance is a combination of four BattleMechs or vehicles, and the formations have their own unique benefits. Listed below are the formations active in this engagement.
Pursuit Lance: A Pursuit Lance is built to chase down enemies on the run, with enough firepower to take down what they're chasing. They are composed entirely of Light-class or Medium-class units, and at least one of them must have a potent long-range weapon. In exchange, three of the formation members receive the "Blood Stalker" ability at the start of the engagement.  

Special Abilities

Blood Stalker: Once per scenario, this pilot may focus entirely on one target unit. They receive a -1 to hit bonus against that target, but have a +2 to hit penalty against any other target. These modifiers last until the end of the turn after the specified target has either retreated or been otherwise defeated.
Cross-Country: It takes some talent to find better paths through troublesome terrain. A driver with this SPA can enter water as though it were 1 depth shallower, and can move into woods, rough terrain, or rubble even if they normally could not enter it. Moving into terrain not normally permitted uses twice the normal MP a BattleMech would use.
Hot Dog: Experience has taught this pilot to handle the heat load of their BattleMech carefully. This pilot can add a -1 bonus to the Target Number needed to avoid all heat effects due to high heat levels.
Jumping Jack: This unit is more accurate when jumping than normal, having only a +1 to-hit penalty.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Marksman: This pilot has trained to be able to pick out a target area on their enemies rather than merely trying to hit. If the pilot does not move, and fires only one weapon on its turn, they may make a called shot as though it has a Targeting Computer. (Consult TW, p.143)
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.
Weapon Specialist: Training and time have brought a sense of a particular weapon and how to get the most out of it. This unit has a -2 To-Hit bonus with their chosen weapon.

Battle Report


(Image Link)
"We have a fast-attack team incoming to the listening post, and we're all that's ready to intercept. I'm not going to lie, we could lose the relays but don't let them take the base buildings. And if by some means they manage to do this, then we need to not let them leave the field." |Lance Commander Aubrey Duchen, Priam Company

Turn 1

(Image Link)
Priam Company's units begin moving, intending to intercept the intruders at Relay Beta. During this time, the Legion's Pegasus tanks race towards Relay Delta and attempt to fire on it. Their weapons fail to connect, but it is only a matter of time with how fast they are closing in.  

Turn 2

(Image Link)
The Legion has three 'Mechs enter range of Relay Alpha: the Panther, Griffin, and Shadow Hawk. With all three firing PPCs into the relay, it swiftly is destroyed. As well, one Pegasus tank swiftly dispatched Relay Gamma, while the other severely damaged Relay Delta. Priam Company continues advancing, as their Griffin fires a shot off wide against the approaching units. The question is whether they can properly stop the tanks from destroying the third relay, even as one of the base buildings begins taking fire.  

Turn 3

(Image Link)
The Legion raiders manage to take out Building Two with a mass of firing, while the Pegasus hovertank goes after Relay Beta under the eyes of the Condor tanks. The BattleMaster manages to fire on the Pegasus, even as the Legion raiders turn to escape. The station base is now a lost cause, so now there is only the task of catching some of the fleeing units and destroying as many as can be caught.  

Turn 4

(Image Link)
Priam Company pursues the three Medium-class 'Mechs now, as the GRF-1S and Hermes take severe damages. The Pegasus tanks are quite swift in their escape, so the BattleMaster now turns around to find the slower 'Mechs. The LRM Carrier is unable to get a proper firing solution, missing its volley completely. The Scimitar and Condors harass their targets with autocannons, though the Hermes and Panther do not seem bothered by the hits.  

Turn 5

(Image Link)
The pursuit continues, with the raiders close to escaping the battlefield. Despite this, Priam Company continues hounding them. The LRM Carrier keeps firing missiles down-range while the two Griffins and hovercraft can find better targets. The Warhammer climbs the hill, staggering the fleeing 'Mechs while the BattleMaster slowly works its way around the hill in the middle.  

Turns 6, 7 & 8

(Image Link - Turn 6)
(Image Link - Turn 7)
(Image Link - Turn 8)
The pursuit begins to close, as the Hermes makes it out of the area. The hovercraft cause the Griffin 1S to stumble and fall, then become cored through the center of the body. The Panther makes it out, but the Shadow Hawk was blown apart by Priam Company's PPCs. With the last Legion Griffin remaining, units managed to keep it falling and then destroying its leg to prevent it from escaping the field. Even with the loss of the listening post, this deals a heavy blow to the Legion's quick strike team and snatches some small victory from the jaws of defeat.  


With the loss of the listening post, Priam Company now has to divert some attention to setting it back up again. However, the Legion forces took a blow with their losses. The prisoners were brought back to Minos Firebase, only offering up their unit identity and service numbers before falling quiet. Identifying themselves as the Legion of Vega, Fourth Regiment, this sends the officers of Priam Company into a speculative mess.

Damage Report


  • Scimitar: Front (5 Armor), Left (5 Armor), Turret (10 Armor)


  • GRF-1N: LRM 10 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier: LRM 20 (3 tons)
  • Condor A: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • Condor B: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • Scimitar: SRM 2, AC/5 (2 tons)


With all vital structures destroyed, Listening Post base is lost.  

Mercenary Report

  • "Dead Ringer": GRF-1N in repairs for 1 turn. Fee: 60 SP
Cost: 60 SP  

Medical Report

No report.  

Salvage Report

  • GRF-1S: Destroyed. Scrap Value 138 SP
  • SHD-2K: Destroyed. Scrap Value 138 SP
  • GRF-1N: Captured. Sold to Lyrans for 275 SP
Total Salvage: 551 SP  

NPC Report


  • GRF-1S (4/5): Destroyed. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • SHD-2K (2/4): Destroyed. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • GRF-1N (4/4): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.


  • HER-1A (4/5): Escaped the field of battle.
  • PNT-9R (3/5): Escaped the field of battle.
  • Pegasus (4/6)
  • Pegasus (5/5)


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