Hostage Negotiations

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Extraction
  • Force Size: Approx. 6000 BV
  • Mission Cost: 200 WP
  • Location: Greyglass Retreat
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time of Day: Late Morning

Situation Overview

Reports say a detachment from Hammerfall Company has taken hostages in one part of the retreat area and are trying to use them as leverage to be permitted to leave. As such, a Lance of BattleMechs and a single tank as support has dug in. Instead of negotiating, Senator Greene has approached Priam Company about taking care of the problem.  


Primary Objective: Priam Company must locate the prisoners by scanning the buildings until they find them. Once they are found, a unit must carry the prisoners to the extraction point. (200 WP) There are two bonus objectives which represent intel assets owned by Hammerfall Company (100 WP) and various supplies and valuable goods (50 WP).
Secondary Objective: It is important to know there are no other surprises which have been left by Hammerfall Company. Priam Company must scan all large buildings in the combat area. (100 WP)
Tertiary Objective: Not much is known about exactly what Hammerfall Company is packing. Close to within five hexes of an enemy unit, and spend one turn not firing to get a superficial scan of it. Scanning more than 50% of the enemy force satisfies this goal. (150 WP)
Note: If over 50% of the defending force enters Forced Withdrawal, and more than 50% of the attacking force is still active, the mission will end assuming a total success of the Primary Objective.  


For the terrain, pick out 1d6 Rough Terrain Elements, 1d6+2 Hill Elements, 2d6 Small City Block Elements, 1d3 Large Square Building, 2 Large Rectangular Buildings, 1 Domed Building and 1d6+4 Pavement Elements. (2 Rough Terrain Elements, 8 Hill Elements, 8 Small City Block Elements, 2 Large Square Buildings, 1 Large Rectangular Building, 1 Domed Building, and 10 Pavement Elements.) Three different colored tokens are used to represent the Primary Objectives.

The defender will set up the buildings on one half of the board, with rough elements only on the other half. The city block elements may not be placed within 2 spaces of the larger buildings, and may not be directly adjacent to each other. Pavement strips are laid down as though they were streets between buildings, leading to the domed building. The defender chooses one building to put the prisoners inside, then two others which contain the bonus tokens.

Priam Company set up an extraction area with wheeled APCs meant to be vehicles for extraction, while the Hammerfall lance was embedded inside the city and waiting for hostile contacts. They had corralled their hostages into one building, and sequestered their own supplies into other buildings. Priam Company is to scan the four large buildings to find the hostages, then extract them. However, enough force was mustered to potentially force Hammerfall's forces to retreat should it come to it.  


Priam Company

  • VTR-9B (Vandal)
    (3/4, Human TRO: Mechs, Lucky 1)
  • WLF-1 (Kelly)
    (1/3, Blood Stalker, Marksman)
  • RVN-1X (Otto)
    (3/4, Lucky 2)
  • STG-3G (Schrade)
  • Condor (Crew 86)
    (3/4, Maneuvering Ace)
(Total BV: 6169)

Hammerfall Company

  • BL-7-KNT (3/3)
  • JR7-D (4/5)
  • WVR-6R (3/6)
  • DV-6M (3/5)
  • Scorpion (5/7)
(Total BV: 6007)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.

Salvage: Salvage may be achieved for units left behind on the battlefield if the defending forces are forced to retreat.
Scanning: Any unit (except infantry) in a force may attempt a detailed scan on any turn that it ends its Movement phase within 3 hexes of an opposing unit or building (5 if the Attacker unit is equipped with any equipment with “probe” in the title or equipment description). Scanning is successful if the unit spends two complete turns within range of the target. The unit attempting the action may not fire any weapons or make physical attacks during the time it takes to complete a scan; units equipped with a probe ignore this limitation. Line of sight is not required.
VIP Rescue: Any non-Mech unit, or 'Mech with at least one Hand Actuator, may carry the VIP target(s) back to the extraction point. This location is designated during setup.

Special Abilities

Blood Stalker: Once per scenario, this pilot may focus entirely on one target unit. They receive a -1 to hit bonus against that target, but have a +2 to hit penalty against any other target. These modifiers last until the end of the turn after the specified target has either retreated or been otherwise defeated.
Human TRO: Not all pilots focus on the task of combat, but instead on knowing the weaknesses of one class of units ('Mechs, Vehicles, etc) so they may be exploited. For the chosen class of units, this pilot adds +1 to their roll to determine Critical Hits.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Maneuvering Ace: This pilot has practiced a lot concerning movement, and can make their units do some truly amazing stunts. This pilot can employ the "lateral shift" maneuver at +1 MP if they are a MechWarrior. They also receive a -1 bonus to rolls to prevent skidding/sideslipping.
Marksman: This pilot has trained to be able to pick out a target area on their enemies rather than merely trying to hit. If the pilot does not move, and fires only one weapon on its turn, they may make a called shot as though it has a Targeting Computer. (Consult TW, p.143)

Battle Report


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"Greyglass Team. You're en route to a senatorial retreat which went kind of wrong. Hammerfall Company seemed to think it prudent to capture a bunch of junior Senators and try to negotiate. We're going to pull the hostages out before the militia pushes an attack. Greyglass Team and Lorelei Team will be crucial to getting this done, and we've been able to borrow some APCs to pull off the evacuation."
"So, listen up. I know you're not all in your usual 'Mechs, but you will get used to it. First, Calvin Schrade is joining you in the Stinger for combat training. Secondly, you're taking the Victor since intel says they have a Heavy in there and it's vital we be able to hold them off while the rescue operation begins. I don't know if the Hammerfall folks have support or reinforcements yet, so just in case . . . focus on finding the hostages and getting them out of there. Hopefully combat won't be too much of a heavy issue."

Turn One

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Priam Company noticed the enemy forces already dispersed in the city, and quickly moved to reach a position of cover and to hopefully be able to get clean scans of the larger buildings. However, the Hammerfall lance advanced carefully to post their units atop the tall buildings to fire on the approach. Because of that, the Wolfhound was able to tag the Wolverine with a Large Laser in the chest, a warning shot for what was to come.  

Turn Two

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The Stinger and Raven moved for the domed building, hoping the hostages would be kept in there. The Jenner leapt onto the rooftop to protect it, while the Wolverine and Dervish took to rooftops likewise to get shots at Priam Company.
An exchange of fire from the Jenner down onto the Raven causes some scattered damage to the scout 'Mech, as it focuses on starting the scan. The Condor which hugged the building likewise had the Wolverine damage the hoverskirt and slow it down considerably. The Wolverine took fire in turn from the Condor.  

Turn Three

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The Heavy 'Mech approaching was finally identified as a Black Knight, which threw everyone into disarray. The decision was made to put it down, rather than try to evade it. The Victor thus turned to intercept it, while the Stinger moved for the domed building to take on the Jenner and the Raven went for another building to scan it. The Scorpion tank rolled along east on the road, intending to intercept the Raven.
Scanning completed, and the Raven reported the domed building contained the senators. However, the presence of the enemy Heavy 'Mech made it less certain to try a rescue operation with the APCs. The Condor being unable to move just yet continued scanning the building it was hiding against, as the Hammerfall Dervish and Wolverine began choosing to fire on the Wolfhound and approaching Victor. A single salvo from the Dervish splashed into the head of the Wolfhound, and caused Kelly to stagger before she chose to fire at the Black Knight which approached. The Jenner managed to burn damage into the Stinger, but the return shots caused the left arm to be damaged badly.  

Turn Four

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The Raven began to scan the larger building, as the Stinger and Jenner continued to face off. The Jenner opted to not move and try to bleed off its head load, while the Stinger took fire from the Scorpion and was damaged. The Stinger pounded the Jenner in the back, finishing the left arm and causing more serious damage.
On the ground, the Victor and Wolfhound continued assaulting the Black Knight, blowing a large chunk out of the Black Knight's armor together while it caused the Victor serious damage in turn. The Dervish and Wolverine began also shooting at the Victor, but the Black Knight did stagger and fall over.
The Condor spends its turn loading the supply boxes uncovered from inside the building, intending to withdraw with its hampered speed. The Stinger expects to be able to try gathering the hostages soon, but the tank on approach does make it hard.

Turn Five

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The Raven finishes scanning, but as it cannot help evacuate it now starts to figure out where to go next. The Stinger stops with the Jenner as the Dervish tries to turn its attention to it, and drops in behind the Dervish to try using the opportunity to fight it. Instead, the Wolverine quickly plants two shots into its head and the 'MechWarrior ejected.
The Victor and Black Knight close to get close, while the Wolfhound backs up to begin cooling down. Salvos from the Black Knight manage to damage the Victor's Autocannon as the damage from the other two 'Mechs manage to fully cripple both arms of the Black Knight and severely damage its armament.  

Turn Six

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With the Stinger's head destroyed, the Jenner turns its attention to try to intercept the Raven. It pays for this as the Raven dishes out considerable damage, forcing the Jenner to surrender. The Dervish turns to start firing missiles down at the Victor, further savaging it, but the Black Knight cannot do enough damage to truly impact the Victor as it threw damage back and peeled open the torso. Even so, the mounting damage and a head shot caused the 'MechWarrior to reconsider and surrendered.
With the tide turning to favor Priam Company taking the rest of the Hammerfall lance remaining, the other mercenaries opt to leave on the promise the 'MechWarriors are allowed to leave. Priam Company agrees, but will be keeping the two heavily damaged 'Mechs.  


"Ladies and gentlemen, hello there. You can call me Vandal, I'm the Lance Commander for this force. We understand you may be a little nervous about what just happened. However, we're going to make this simple. Please contact your Senate and let them know you are safe, and we will remain in the area until the militia can secure the area. In the meantime please do not antagonize or insult the nice lady in the Wolfhound, and if you do then do so at your own risk. The folks driving up in the APCs will distribute water and stronger drinks at your request, and are here to help be sure the area is well and truly secure. Thank you for your patience and don't forget to tip your rescuers."

Damage Report


  • VTR-9B: Right Arm (20 Armor, 25% Structure), Left Leg (20 Armor, 25% Structure, Heat Sink Destroyed), Left Torso (10 Armor), Right Torso (20 Armor, 50% Structure, Jump Jet Destroyed), Center Torso (6 Armor), Head (8 Armor), Autocannon 20 (1 Hit)
  • RVN-1X: Right Arm (5 Armor), Left Torso (5 Armor), Right Torso (5 Armor)
  • WLF-1: Left Arm (5 Armor), Left Leg (5 Armor), Center Torso (5 Armor), Head (8 Armor)
  • STG-3G: Left Arm (5 Armor), Right Arm (5 Armor), Right Leg (5 Armor), Left Torso (3 Armor, 50% Structure), Head (Destroyed)
  • BL-7-KNT: Left Arm (Destroyed), Right Arm (Destroyed), Left Leg (2 Armor), Left Torso (25 Armor, 25% Structure, Large Laser Destroyed), Right Torso (5 Armor), Center Torso (12 Armor), Head (3 Armor), PPC (1 Hit)
  • JR7-D: Left Arm (Destroyed), Right Arm (2 Armor), Left Leg (6 Armor, 25% Structure), Left Torso (5 Armor), Right Torso (2 Armor), Center Torso (4 Armor), Head (2 Armor)
  • Condor: Front (4 Armor), Motive Hit


  • VTR-9B: AC/20 (2 tons)
  • RVN-1X: SRM 6 (1 ton)
  • JR7-D: SRM 4 (1 ton)
  • Condor: AC/5 (1 ton)

Parts Not In Stock

  • STG-3G: Structure (20t; Head), Cockpit
  • BL-7-KNT: Structure (75t; Left Arm, Right Arm), Actuators (75t; Upper Arm x2, Lower Arm x2, Hand x2)
  • JR7-D: Structure (35t, Left Arm), Actuator (35t; Upper Arm)

Medical Report

  • "Vandal" Grey: 2 Wounds
  • Calvin Schrade: 2 Wounds
  • Kelly Sedda: 1 Wound

Salvage Report

  • JR7-D: Salvaged. Sent to Repairs.
  • BL-7-KNT: Salvaged. Sent to Repairs.

Mission Report

Primary Objective: Succeeded. (+350 WP)
Secondary Objective: Failed.
Tertiary Objective: Succeeded. (+150 WP)

  Salvage Awarded: Claim authorized on abandoned units.  

NPC Report


  • JR7-D (4/5): 'Mech Salvaged, 'MechWarrior arrested.
  • BL-7-KNT (3/3): 'Mech Salvaged, 'MechWarrior arrested.


  • WVR-6R (3/6): Escaped the field.
  • DV-6M (3/5): Escaped the field.
  • Scorpion (5/7): Escaped the field.


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