Fall of the Hammer

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Base Defense
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Calderon Firebase
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time of Day: Early Evening

Situation Overview

Hammerfall Company has accepted a contract offer to dispose of the Harbingers, against the recommendations of some of the members. Hoping to catch the other mercenaries off-guard, the attack is made after the departure of the strike team headed to Jedora. The Harbingers, however, still have the majority of their forces present; a swift mobilization allows them to mount a defense against the approaching adversaries.  


Objective: The Harbingers are defending their base from attack, which means they must prevent their command center from being destroyed. Hammerfall Company is permitted to retreat at any time from their home edge, but doing so means forfeiting their victory.  


The Harbingers have spent their time since the last attack on the Lyran base cutting away woods and flattening out other cover for at least half a mile outside the base defenses. As such, there is a lot of Hill Elements (8) and Rough Terrain elements (7) which have been allowed to exist in a manner which will make the approach difficult.
Calderon Firebase itself consists of one Command Center, Vehicle Bay, Maintenance Facility, Large Power Plant, three Mech Bays, four total Living Quarters (two stacked buildings), two liquid Storage Buildings, two basic Storage Buildings, three Power Relays, and finally four Heavy Turret emplacements. The Large Power Plant gives power out to eight spaces away from any occupied hex it has, while the Power Relays grant power out to six spaces away; all buildings must be placed so they are powered during setup.
The Harbingers may set up their units in any hex behind the defenses, and may not start in front of the furthest defensive structure. Hammerfall Company must start within three spaces of their home edge, but otherwise has no restrictions on placement.  


Harbingers BattleMechs

  • AS7-D A ("Juggernaut")
    (0/2; Specialist: AC/20, Range Master M)
  • AS7-D B ("Trailblazer")
    (0/1; Specialist: AC/20, Melee Specialist)
  • BNC-3M ("Sureshot")
    (1/2; Specialist: M. Laser)
  • AWS-8Q A ("Deadeye")
    (0/2; Specialist: PPC, Lucky 1)
  • AWS-8Q B ("Sassy")
    (0/2; Specialist: PPC, Lucky 1)
  • AWS-8Q C ("Pilgrim")
    (1/2; Human TRO: Mechs, Multi-Tasker)
  • CTF-1X ("Jungle Jackie")
    (2/4; Multi-Tasker, Lucky 1)
  • OTL-4D ("Spike")
    (2/3; Specialist: M. Laser)
  • HCT-3F B ("Bones")
    (2/3; Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F C ("Badboi")
    (2/2; Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F D ("Patty-Cake")
  • MON-67 A (Timothy Young)
  • MON-67 B (Jason Greene)
Combat Vehicles
  • Behemoth (Crew 6)
    (0/5; Speed Demon)
  • LRM Carrier (Crew 9)
    (0/5; Multi-Tasker)
  • SRM Carrier A (Hartford Crew)
  • SRM Carrier B (Alder Leaf Crew)
  • Bulldog LRM (Phalan Irregulars)
  • Hetzer (Hellriders Crew)
Hired Guns
  • GLT-4L ("Chevalier")
    (3/4; Hot Dog)
  • VLK-QA ("Jaunt")
    (3/4; Human TRO: Mechs)
Defensive Turrets
  • 2x Heavy LRM Turrets (3)
  • 2x Mech-Killer Turrets (3)

Hammerfall Company
Alpha Lance

  • CP-10-Q (Captain Grause)
    (1/3; Sniper, Cluster Hitter)
  • STK-3F (2/4; Lucky 2)
  • HBK-4G (2/4; Lucky 2)
  • CRD-3R (2/4; Lucky 2)
Beta Lance
  • ON1-K (Lance Commander)
  • WVR-6R (3/5)
  • DV-6M (3/4)
  • CN9-A (4/5)
Rho Lance
  • Scorpion (Lance Commander)
  • Scorpion (5/7)
  • Vedette AC/2 (4/5)
  • Vedette AC/2 (4/5)
Sigma Lance
  • Manticore (Lance Commander)
  • Vedette (4/6)
  • Scorpion LRM (5/6)
  • Saracen (4/6)
Tau Battle Lance
  • Demolisher (Lance Commander)
    (2/4; Lucky Unit)
  • Demolisher (4/4; Lucky Unit)
  • Vedette (4/6; Lucky Unit)
  • Scimitar (4/4; Lucky Unit)
Hired Gun
  • GRH-5H (2/3)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
'Mechkiller' Turrets: These turrets mount a Class 20 Autocannon and a SRM-4 launcher. They fire with a base Gunnery of 3. It has a CF of 45, and any hit which reduces its CF will cause a secondary roll. On a secondary roll result of 7-9, the main weapon will be rendered inoperable due to critical damage to the internal systems. After one turn spent fixing the fire control systems, it may fire again. On a roll of 10-11, all weapon systems will be inoperable. In the case of a 12 being rolled, the turret is exploded as the ammunition explodes violently.
Heavy LRM Turrets: These turrets hold two LRM-15 launchers, with one ton of ammunition for each. It fires with a base Gunnery of 4. It has a CF of 45, and any hit which reduces its CF will cause a secondary roll. On a secondary roll result of 7-9, the main weapon will be rendered inoperable due to critical damage to the internal systems. After one turn spent fixing the fire control systems, it may fire again. On a roll of 10-11, all weapon systems will be inoperable. In the case of a 12 being rolled, the turret is exploded as the ammunition explodes violently.  

Special Abilities

Cluster Hitter: This unit may make an aimed attack much the same as a Marksman, and it will deliver all clustered shots to the same hit location. When not using this option, this unit gains a +1 bonus to their Clustering roll on the table.
Human TRO: Not all pilots focus on the task of combat, but instead on knowing the weaknesses of one class of units ('Mechs, Vehicles, etc) so they may be exploited. For the chosen class of units, this pilot adds +1 to their roll to determine Critical Hits.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Lucky Unit: This unit has better than average luck, so they think. Members of this unit may collectively reroll up to six Gunnery or Piloting skill rolls once during their battle.
Melee Master: It's a savage dance, melee combat, and those who have honed their talents can make it rather deadly. This unit may perform an additional additional punch kick, or weapon attack on its turn.
Melee Specialist: Few people can focus well on melee combat with 'Mechs, since it requires a shift to thinking about how you approach the enemy. Those who do hone this sense receive a -1 To-Hit bonus for melee attacks, and will do 1 extra damage on a hit.
Multi-Tasker: Whenever you want to exploit a target-rich environment, or just need to have your attention divided, it's difficult. However, this pilot reduces all attacks against secondary targets by a -1 To-Hit bonus after working on their ability to split their focus.
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.
Sniper: Experience teaches pilots how to lead distant targets better, making it less difficult to hit their targets. This pilot halves all standard range penalties (+1 for medium range, +2 for long range).
Weapons Specialist: Training and time have brought a sense of a particular weapon and how to get the most out of it. This unit has a -2 To-Hit bonus with their chosen weapon.  

Battle Report


(Image Link)
Captain Grause was not happy to see the density of 'Mech signatures inside the base, or the turrets placed atop the ridge in a defensive location. The silence from the opposing force was what truly made him curious, as according to Kommandant Harvey these mercenaries were known for talking a big game and being unable to back it up. The full might of Hammerfall Company should be enough to force a surrender, if he was fortunate and careful. "Hammerfall, should an Assault 'Mechs show themselves on their side? Give it a warm welcome."

Turns 1 and 2

(https://imgur.com/mPuNuCLImage Link: Turn 1 Overview)
(Image Link: Turn 2 Overview)
(Turn 2, Harbingers' Side)
(Turn 2. Hammerfall's Approach)
  Hammerfall Company and the Harbingers begin moving into position, with the former keeping an eye on the missile turrets set up defensively. Once they are in range, the Vedettes use their long-range Autocannons to suppress one of the turrets while LRMs are fired into the other turret, leaving an opening for an advance across the barren space.  

Turn 3

(Image Link: Overview)
(Harbingers' Side)
(Hammerfall's Approach)
  The attackers began to move up, the combat vehicles taking some losses as a Scorpion Light Tank was erased by an Awesome and the Manticore found a significant portion of its armor blasted away. The Wolverine approaching the southern defenses took on fire, stumbling but proceeding to offer a tempting target. The slower units belonging to Hammerfall Company began to approach the hills on the outside of the 'no-man's land' in the middle, holding back for a push.  

Turn 4

(Image Link: Overview)
(Harbingers' Side)
(Hammerfall's Approach)
  The second Scorpion tank moved ahead, taking fire and becoming a casualty so the northern turret could be neutralized. Hammerfall Company began to move into the field now, expecting to have less of a problem with the long-range fire being weakened somewhat. The southern battlefield had the Hunchback moving ahead, drawing fire from the Awesomes protecting Calderon, while the Wolverine drew back so it could avoid becoming further savaged.  

Turn 5

(Image Link: Overview)
(Harbingers' Side)
(Hammerfall's Approach)
  The Harbingers use the Banshee and Awesome to finish off the Manticore, while one of the Demolishers has their motive system critically damaged. Hammerfall 'MechWarriors begin focusing fire on the Atlas with intent to kill, landing a couple shots into the head. The loss of heavy tanks now leave the BattleMechs as priority targets, however.
At the southern front, things continue to develop slowly, as the Scorpion LRM tank has its fire control for the LRMs damaged, requiring it to close the distance. The result is a steady barrage which shreds it apart, while the Heavy BattleMechs use the distraction to move up further.  

Turn 6

(Image Link: Overview)
(Harbingers' Side)
(Hammerfall's Approach)
  The second Hammerfall Demolisher moved out of cover in the north, only to have its motive system severely damaged as well. The Vedettes closed to attack the defending Behemoth, only to have the Harbingers' BattleMechs flank and destroy them. The Atlas continued to be targeted, taking heavy damage and forcing it to back up. Captain Grause ordered his forces to advance and push whatever advantage they could; if the Atlas was taken out of the fight, the Harbingers might not be willing to continue.   Meanwhile, the Hunchback continued forward and before it could find a desirable firing solution it was destroyed through PPC shots from the defenders. A Hatchetman jumps in behind the Scimitar before it can get into position to do anything, shredding it through the weaker rear armor. This exposed it to fire from the Orion and Wolverine, both of which narrowly missed.   The consistent advance had also driven the Hired Gun for the Hammerfall force to decide enough is enough, opening a line to the Harbingers' command center to declare his intention of seeking safety with them until the battle was over. After a brief negotiation, terms of surrender were accepted.  

Turn 7

(Image Link: Overview)
(Harbingers' Side)
(Hammerfall's Approach)
  Commander Dupree had moved back into the fray, leading a focus of fire on the advancing Hammerfall units. Despite believing they had been prepared, they were soon overwhelmed. The Behemoth's heavy armor was proving to be difficult to truly threaten, while weapons fire was focused on the Cyclops to make a point on exactly what was possible should the Hammerfall commander continue pressing the attack. To the south, the Orion collapsed to the ground under the force of incoming fire while the Hunchback found its heavy Autocannon ammunition struck and exploded in a violent fireball.   As the fire let up, the comms came to life finally with a message from the defenders of Calderon. The Harbingers' commander was offering to discuss terms of surrender.  


Commander Dupree laid out simple terms of surrender as a choice. Hammerfall Company could continue to press the attack, and if they did the Harbingers would offer no quarter. If the members of Hammerfall Company joined the Harbingers, they would be permitted probationary membership and be allowed to retain their BattleMechs. Those who wished to refuse either choice would be permitted to leave the planet, but no second offer would be made should they return to the field against the Harbingers.
Thus, the two immobile Demolishers were relinquished along with the Orion. Mindful of the value of his command 'Mech, Captain Grause agreed to pay a ransom to retain possession of it while other members of Hammerfall Company would disperse. The hired gun was offered a chance to join the Harbingers' forces, but the finer details of a fee and contract details could not be agreed upon.

Damage Report


  • AS7-D A: Left Arm (21 Armor), Left Leg (7 Armor), Left Torso (30 Armor), Right Arm (18 Armor), Right Leg (14 Armor), Right Torso (20 Armor), Center Torso (41 Armor), Head (9 Armor, 50% Internal)
  • AWS-8Q B: Right Arm (8 Armor), Right Torso (5 Armor), Center Torso (5 Armor), Head (6 Armor)
  • AWS-8Q C: Left Arm (11 Armor), Left Leg (5 Armor), Left Torso (12 Armor), Right Arm (6 Armor), Right Leg (27 Armor), Right Torso (15 Armor), Center Torso (10 Armor), Head (4 Armor)
  • BNC-3M: Left Arm (4 Armor), Left Leg (4 Armor), Left Torso (4 Armor)
  • OTL-4D: Left Torso (15 Armor)
  • HCT-3F D: Left Torso (5 Armor), Right Arm (9 Armor), Center Torso (2 Armor)
  • MON-67 A: Right Torso (2 Armor)
  • Behemoth: Turret (10 Armor), Turret Stabilizer
  • ON1-K: Left Arm (18 Armor), Left Leg (21 Armor), Right Arm (24 Armor, 25% Internal), Right Leg (32 Armor, 25% Internal), Right Torso (21 Armor), Center Torso (20 Armor)
  • Demolisher A: Front (32 Armor), Left (30 Armor, 6 Internal), Rear (5 Armor) Turret (20 Armor), Motive Hits (3)
  • Demolisher B: Front (24 Armor), Left (20 Armor), Turret (10 Armor), Motive Hits (2)
  • Heavy Turret North (Heavy LRM): Destroyed.
  • Heavy Turret North (Mech-Killer): Repair Required.
  • Heavy Turret South (Heavy LRM): Repair Required.


  • AS7-D A: LRM-20 (1 ton)
  • AS7-D B: LRM-20 (1 ton)
  • CTF-1X: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F A: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F B: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier: LRM-20 (2 tons)
  • Bulldog: LRM-15 (1 ton)
  • Behemoth: LRM-5 (1 ton), AC/10 (1 ton), SRM-6 (1 ton)

Mercenary Report

  • Authorized payment for "Jaunt": -60 SP
  • Authorized payment for "Chevalier": -60 SP

Medical Report

  • Adamant Dupree: 2 Wounds
  • "Sassy": 1 Wound
  • "Deadeye": 1 Wound

Salvage Report

  • Cyclops CP-10-Q: Ransomed to the owner for 900 SP.
  • Orion ON1-K: Salvaged from the ground. Sent to repair bay.
  • Demolisher A: Salvaged. Sent to repair bay.
  • Demolisher B: Salvaged. Sent to repair bay.
  • HBK-4G: Destroyed. Scrap value at 125 SP.
  • Scimitar: Destroyed. Scrap value at 44 SP.
  • Scorpion: Destroyed. Scrap value at 32 SP.
  • Scorpion: Destroyed. Scrap value at 32 SP.
  • Scorpion (LRM): Destroyed. Scrap value at 32 SP.
  • Vedette: Destroyed. Scrap value at 75 SP.
  • Vedette: Destroyed. Scrap value at 75 SP.

Components Salvaged

  • AC/20 x1
  • AC/5 x3
  • Machine Gun x2
  • LRM-10 x1
  • LRM-5 x1
  • SRM-2 x1
  • Left Upper Arm Actuator (50t) x1
  • Left Hand Actuator (50t) x1
  • Right Hand Actuator (50t) x1
  • Right Foot Actuator (50t) x1
  • Structure: Right Leg (50t) x1
Ransom Value: 900 SP
Scrap Value: 415 SP  

NPC Report

Hammerfall Company disbands as a result of the materiel losses suffered during this engagement. Many of them take contracts with other combatants on White Reach, and others leave the system.


  • Demolisher A lost to Harbingers. Crew departed.
  • Demolisher B lost to Harbingers. Crew departed.
  • Orion ON1-K lost to Harbingers. 'MechWarrior departed.


  • Scimitar destroyed, crew killed.
  • Scorpion A destroyed, crew killed.
  • Scorpion B destroyed, crew killed.
  • Scorpion LRM destroyed, crew killed.
  • Vedette A destroyed, crew killed.
  • Vedette B destroyed, crew killed.
  • Hunchback HBK-4G destroyed, 'MechWarrior wounded.


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