Defense of Minos Firebase

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Defend Base
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Minos Firebase, Grid E23
  • Weather: Clear
  • Time of Day: Early Morning

Situation Overview

The Draconis Combine forces have dispatched a considerable assault force to attack Minos Firebase, believing this amount is enough to rout their enemies or crush them completely. The assault force has divided into three elements in order to force Priam Company to fight on multiple fronts.


Primary Objective: The firebase command center must not be destroyed, or Priam Company will be forced to withdraw. As well, they must not suffer a complete loss of forces through lethal damage, morale failure, or being forced to withdraw.
Secondary Objective: It is important to have as little damage done to buildings as possible. Prevent rampant damage of the buildings by the Combine forces.


Terrain for this engagement consists of the firebase set up in the center of the map, while one third of the rest of the map is "city" with buildings and streets and the last third is rough terrain with small hills. The defender sets up the requisite buildings for the firebase as they wish, along with any defenses. No buildings may be set up less than one hex from other buildings, and they must receive power (be within six hexes of either a Power Relay or a Power Generator).
The attacker sets up first, one DCMS lance on the edge of the board with the hills and the rest split into two groups coming through the city. After those units are in place, Priam Company will set up their units as they see fit inside the firebase boundaries.  


Priam Company

  • BLR-1G (Aubrey)
    (2/4; Hot Dog)
  • WHM-6R A(Olivia)
    (0/2; Marksman, PPC Specialist, Lucky 1)
  • GRF-1N A(Casey)
    (3/3; Range Master L)
  • STK-3F (Reginald)
    (1/3; Oblique Attacker, Multi-Tasker)
  • SHD-2H (Simone)
    (3/3; Jumping Jack, Hopper)
  • JR7-D ("Vandal")
    (2/4; Lucky 1, Human TRO: Mechs)
  • WLF-1 (Kelly)
    (1/3; Blood Stalker, Marksman)
  • VTR-9B (Mikell)
    (2/3; Tactical Genius, Iron Will)
  • WHM-6R B(Erik)
  • OSR-2C (Otto)
    (2/4; Lucky 2)
  • Manticore ("Crazy Eight")
    (3/5; Cross-Country)
  • Condor A (Crew 12)
    (3/4; Maneuvering Ace)
  • Condor B (Crew 86)
    (3/4; Maneuvering Ace)
  • Scimitar (Crew 32)

Draconis Assault Force

  • ARC-2K (3/5; Sniper)
  • HBK-4G (2/5; Demoralizer)
  • GLT-4P (3/5)
  • UM-R60 (4/6)
  • PNT-9R (3/6; Lucky Unit)
  • WSP-1A (3/6; Lucky Unit)
  • PHX-1 (3/6; Lucky Unit)
  • DRG-1N (3/5; Lucky Unit)
  • JVN-10F (4/6; Speed Demon)
  • PNT-9R (3/5; Speed Demon)
  • PHX-1 (4/4)
  • QKD-5A (4/5; Speed Demon)
  • Vedette (3/6)
  • Vedette (3/6)
  • Hunter 'LRM 15' (4/5)
  • Hunter 'LRM 15' (4/5)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Salvage: Salvage may be claimed from units neutralized during the battle.
Morale: When a unit would normally enter forced withdrawal, it will instead roll a Piloting check modified by a +3 TN penalty if it cannot see a unit commander. It must repeat this check at the end of any turn it takes damage after this.  

Special Abilities

Blood Stalker: Once per scenario, this pilot may focus entirely on one target unit. They receive a -1 to hit bonus against that target, but have a +2 to hit penalty against any other target. These modifiers last until the end of the turn after the specified target has either retreated or been otherwise defeated.
Demoralizer: This unit may attempt to demoralize a target it has clear line of sight to, within 10 hexes. They make a Piloting check at a +4 TN; on a successful use, the target may not use any movement other than walking, may not move any closer to the attacking unit, and incurs a +1 TN penalty if attacking the Demoralizer this turn.
Hopper: This pilot has trained hard to keep their BattleMech balanced on one leg. If the leg is destroyed, this unit may stay upright if it succeeds at a Piloting check with all applicable penalties. This unit's Movement cannot be reduced below 2 MP.
Hot Dog: Experience has taught this pilot to handle the heat load of their BattleMech carefully. This pilot can add a -1 bonus to the Target Number needed to avoid all heat effects due to high heat levels.
Human TRO: Not all pilots focus on the task of combat, but instead on knowing the weaknesses of one class of units ('Mechs, Vehicles, etc) so they may be exploited. For the chosen class of units, this pilot adds +1 to their roll to determine Critical Hits.
Iron Will: This unit has a tough time being affected by anything which would spook or shake a normal person. It receives a -2 TN bonus for purposes of morale or other mental resistance tricks.
Jumping Jack: This unit is more accurate when jumping than normal, having only a +1 to-hit penalty.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Lucky Unit: Somehow, this unit has gotten through scrapes which should have ended with them being all lost. This unit shares a pool of six uses of the "Lucky" special ability, allowing them to reroll up to six total Gunnery or Piloting rolls.
Maneuvering Ace: This pilot has practiced a lot concerning movement, and can make their units do some truly amazing stunts. This pilot can employ the "lateral shift" maneuver at +1 MP if they are a MechWarrior. They also receive a -1 bonus to rolls to prevent skidding/sideslipping.
Marksman: This pilot has trained to be able to pick out a target area on their enemies rather than merely trying to hit. If the pilot does not move, and fires only one weapon on its turn, they may make a called shot as though it has a Targeting Computer. (Consult TW, p.143)
Multi-Tasker: Whenever you want to exploit a target-rich environment, or just need to have your attention divided, it's difficult. However, this pilot reduces all attacks against secondary targets by a -1 To-Hit bonus after working on their ability to split their focus.
Oblique Attacker: It takes some skill to read where your enemy is, when you can't have visual confirmation. This pilot can make Indirect LRM attacks against a target without the benefit of a spotter and have an additional -1 To-Hit modifier when doing so.
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.
Sniper: Experience teaches pilots how to lead distant targets better, making it less difficult to hit their targets. This pilot halves all standard range penalties (+1 for medium range, +2 for long range).
Speed Demon: This unit may move 1 extra space while using Running/Flank speed, but it may make no attack action this round.
Tactical Genius: Officers often have a grasp of the broader situation on the battlefield, which leads to spectacular events concerning combat. This unit may choose to act one phase earlier in initiative phases.
Weapon Specialist: Training and time have brought a sense of a particular weapon and how to get the most out of it. This unit has a -2 To-Hit bonus with their chosen weapon.

Battle Report


(Image Link)
"This is Tai-i Leilond to the opposing force. You are in an area claimed by the Draconis Combine, and have chosen not to depart peacefully. Our orders are to remove you by force if you make it necessary. As you have made it necessary, I find it in my duty to warn you we will not accept more than your total surrender or defeat. You are given one last opportunity to power down and walk away."
"This is Commander Sethan of Priam Company to the approaching Combine forces. This system is under the jurisdiction of the Federated Commonwealth. You have no authority to demand anything from us. Since you have seen fit to make your intentions to fight known, I have a counter proposal for you. Take a message back to your commander that White Reach is off limits."
"Commander Sethan, I have my orders. Stand down or-"
"Yeah, that's not happening. I tried to be nice, I tried to be fair, and now I am going to send you back to your commander without your fancy Dragon. Elly, close comms. Priam Company, stand by for combat."

Turn 1

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The defense began as the three Combine lances approached; one approached from the sea approach and the other two came through the city of White Reach. Priam Company broke down into four distinct units to engage them - a vehicle lance took off with one lance to stop the faster lance coming from the south.
Unfortunately, the city lances moved in quickly, and trying to angle for proper fire avenues left the Wolfhound open to a shot from the Guillotine - it took the damage in the torso, while a return shot from the Griffin and Wolfhound both connected. The Shadow Hawk perched atop one of the living quarter buildings only to have the Hunter splash missile fire into it and weaken the building enough for it to collapse under the Shadow Hawk.
At the south side, the Warhammer opened fire and blasted the Javelin with a twin volley of PPC fire, and the other Warhammer on the north side of the city took aim with a single PPC and tore into the Wasp advancing - the shot caused its SRM ammo feed to fail, and seriously damaged its torso. The Archer, coming down an otherwise empty approach, then opened fire on the western power generator. Damage was sustained, but the generator remained active.

Turn 2

(Image Link)
(Image Link, Aerial)
The firefight grew more intense as the Priam Company forces began to maneuver to avoid getting in close with the Hunchback and allow the Wolfhound to strike without being a prime target. The Jenner moved in, expecting the Archer to choose going for the Warhammer and command center - instead finding the Archer coming in swinging. The Phoenix Hawk from the north came running in, blasting into the Manticore tank and inflicting severe damage, while the Dragon and Panther shot the Warhammer with solid hits into the armor. A return salvo of dual PPCs from the Warhammer almost destroyed the right arm and the primary weapon of the Dragon - its AC/5.
To the west of the base, the Hunchback laid into the Stalker with its heavy autocannon, but it was the Stalker firing into the Guillotine which made an impression. It fired two rounds from the LRM racks and shredded apart the head before the pilot could escape. The Jenner proceeded to unleash everything onto the Hunchback, while the Archer failed to connect with its fist. However, the Hunchback was still there, along with the UrbanMech.
At the southern battle, the Javelin moved to attack the Scimitar, eating massive damage from the Warhammer while the Victor's move was to take on the Quickdraw. The Ostroc savaged the Phoenix Hawk, pushing the waste heat buildup fairly high. The two Condors and Scimitar managed to add to the damage, turning things just a bit in a different direction.  

Turn 3

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(Image Link, Aerial)
Around the firebase, things have grown more chaotic. The Warhammer disengages to chase down the Archer and vehicles angling for clear shots on the command center, but in doing so exposes the back to the Hunchback - it immediately capitalizes on this with a forceful shot into the right torso, causing significant system failures to be followed by lasers finishing the job of dismantling that section. The Jenner, still facing heat issues, jabs at the Archer to keep it occupied and miraculously manages to avoid being hit. The Manticore takes a withering amount of damage, starting to list a bit, while the damaged Wasp begins trying to damage the command center - and doing a good job of it.
The Stalker wheels around and jabs its arsenal at the Archer, causing significant damage but failing to put it down. The Wolfhound and Shadow Hawk focus more on the Hunchback's rear armor which is blown open and internal damage begins accumulating fast. The BattleMaster savages the Phoenix Hawk with its forward arsenal, while stabbing both rear-facing lasers into the Wasp.
At the southern end, Priam Company forces continue to mop up the assets as the Warhammer unleashes everything into the Quickdraw and melts through its torso. Faced with that damage, the Quickdraw surrenders and powers down. Similarly, the Javelin takes a shot from the Scimitar which damages their engine grievously and they decide to surrender as well. The Victor climbs the hill and its AC/20 shreds the right leg off the Panther, who falls down hard. The Phoenix Hawk is left as the only credible threat there, and its heat load has begun climbing after the Ostroc damages its engine shielding.  

Turn 4

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(Image Link, Aerial)
The Archer continues to advance and begins pouring damage into the command center along with the Hunter and Vedette. However, the spike of heat gain is too much and the LRM ammunition violently cooks off before the 'MechWarrior can eject. The UrbanMech and Hunter to the other side take aim and begin targeting one of the living quarters buildings, dealing considerable damage. The Shadow Hawk turns to engage those, but the Hunchback turns as well and its autocannon shreds apart the armor and internal structure to one of the legs.
The Warhammer and BattleMaster focus on the vehicles and Phoenix Hawk as the Manticore is damaged to a point the crew scrambles to escape. With a kick, the BattleMaster's attack caves in the side of the Vedette tank and kills the crew; similarly the Warhammer causes grievous damage to the Phoenix Hawk while the Dragon and Panther continued to hang back just in case of trouble.
The rest of the southern attack force faces the Victor and two other mostly-fresh 'Mechs before the Phoenix Hawk decides to stop wrestling with heat issues caused by its damage and powers down. The Panther finds itself unable to fire reliably, and suddenly goes still without powering down.  

Turn 5

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(Image Link, Aerial)
Another round of weapons fire rocked the command center, but the Hunchback and Shadow Hawk continued to fight - the AC/20 missed, and the Shadow Hawk got in enough shots to begin to threaten its counterpart. The Stalker wheeled around to begin advancing on it, making the signal clear what would happen next. Similarly, the Warhammers began to seek out remaining threats and the Wolfhound made a quick run for the Dragon.
With the commanders dead, and the outcome clear, the DCMS forces began to retreat, Priam Company keeping watch while fire suppression crews hurried to attend to the buildings which had taken damage.  


Mikell stepped aside as a medtech ran past with a field kit. Somewhere in the firebase command center there was still something burning, lending a unique scent to the air. The comms were down, now, while crews were working on catching what exactly had been damaged which was causing fires. According to Louis it was probably an electrical fire which started inside a wall, and he had run off shortly after that. Irene's team was now taxed to the limit with wounded who had been unable to evacuate with the Aquila, triage leaving a room full of wounded who were in no critical danger but still had broken bones or burns.
Somewhere else in the command center, there were shouts which didn't quite carry through the hallways. Repair crews rushing through, putting bracing up in a few places. From what Mikell could gather, the structural damage was devastating despite not rendering the building into a slumped ruin. Damage to one of the generators meant full power was unavailable, while the destruction of one building used for living quarters rendered an overflow of people into tents on the grounds. Damage to the other living quarters was likewise very severe, causing roughly sixty people to be sheltered in tents outside.
It was enough to make Mikell feel like they hadn't quite won so much as been the best loser.

Damage Report


  • BLR-1G: Left Arm (5 Armor), Right Leg (3 Armor), Right Torso (5 Armor), Center Torso (5 Armor), Head (6 Armor)
  • STK-3F: Left Arm (12 Armor), Right Arm (23 Armor, Shoulder Hit), Left Leg (24 Armor), Left Torso (10 Armor), Right Torso (10 Armor)
  • VTR-9B: Right Leg (6 Armor), Left Torso (10 Armor)
  • WHM-6R A: Left Arm (20 Armor, 50% Structure), Right Arm (20 Armor, 50% Structure, Detached), Left Leg (12 Armor), Left Torso (6 Armor), Right Torso (15 Armor, Destroyed), Center Torso (13 Armor)
  • WHM-6R B: Left Arm (2 Armor), Right Torso (2 Armor), Center Torso (7 Armor), Head (5 Armor)
  • OSR-2C: Right Arm (4 Armor), Left Torso (4 Armor, 25% Structure), Right Torso (4 Armor, 25% Structure, Large Laser 1 Hit)
  • GRF-1N A: Left Arm (5 Armor), Center Torso (6 Armor)
  • SHD-2H: Left Leg (10 Armor), Right Leg (16 Armor), Left Torso (3 Armor), Right Torso (18 Armor, 75% Structure), Center Torso (6 Armor)
  • WLF-1: Right Leg (10 Armor), Center Torso (10 Armor)
  • Condor A: Turret (12 Armor)
  • Condor B: Front (7 Armor), Turret (5 Armor)
  • Manticore: Front (42 Armor, Structure), Left (20 Armor), Right (8 Armor)


  • BLR-1G: SRM 6, Machine Gun (2 tons)
  • STK-3F: LRM 10 (2 tons)
  • VTR-9B: AC/20, SRM 4 (2 tons)
  • WHM-6R A: SRM 6, Machine Gun (2 tons)
  • WHM-6R B: SRM 6, Machine Gun (2 tons)
  • OSR-2C: SRM 4 (1 ton)
  • GRF-1N A: LRM 10 (1 ton)
  • SHD-2H: AC/5, SRM 2, LRM 5 (3 tons)
  • JR7-D: SRM 4 (1 ton)
  • Condor A: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • Condor B: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • Scimitar: SRM 2 (1 ton)
  • Manticore: LRM 10, SRM 6 (2 tons)

Medical Report

  • Erik Porter: 1 Wound
  • Crazy Eight: Driver Hit
  • Aubrey Duchen: 1 Wound

Salvage Report

Note: Components recovered have not been identified as being of usable quality yet. Decisions on the disposition of prisoners and captured equipment have not been made, as there is more pressing matters such as system repair and fire suppression to consider within the command center.
  • WSP-1A Wasp: Captured.
  • GLT-4P Guillotine: Captured.
  • PNT-9R Panther: Captured.
  • PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk: Captured.
  • PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk: Captured.
  • QKD-5A Quickdraw: Captured.
  • JVN-10F Javelin: Captured.
  • Hunter LRM-15: Captured.
  • ARC-2K Archer: Destroyed.
  • Vedette: Destroyed.

NPC Report


  • GLT-4P (3/5): Captured. 'MechWarrior killed.
  • QKD-5A (4/5; Speed Demon): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • PHX-1 (3/6; Lucky Unit): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • PHX-1 (4/4): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • WSP-1A (3/6; Lucky Unit): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • JVN-10F (4/6; Speed Demon): Captured. 'MechWarrior captured.
  • PNT-9R (3/5; Speed Demon): Captured. 'MechWarrior killed.
  • Hunter 'LRM-15' (4/5): Captured. Crew captured.


  • ARC-2K (3/5; Sniper): Destroyed. 'MechWarrior killed.
  • Vedette (3/6: Destroyed. Crew killed.


  • HBK-4G (2/5; Demoralizer): Escaped the field.
  • UM-R60 (4/6): Escaped the field.
  • PNT-9R (3/6; Lucky Unit): Escaped the field.
  • DRG-1N (3/5; Lucky Unit): Escaped the field.
  • Vedette (3/6): Escaped the field.
  • Hunter 'LRM-15' (4/5): Escaped the field.


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