Attack of Opportunity

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Base Assault
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Emmetton Island
  • Weather: Moonless Night
  • Time of Day: Late Night

Situational Overview

The Harbingers have located a previously unknown mercenary group flying unfamiliar colors on Emmetton Island while scouting for a potential base location. After the scouting report revealed the enemy presence, Commander Dupree scrambles most of the Harbingers to drop and attempt to push the other mercenaries out and loot whatever supplies can be gained.  


Primary Objective: The Harbingers' objective is to seize control of the firebase, which can be done either by forcing over 50% of the opposing forces to retreat. Alternatively, the Harbingers can destroy the primary command center and render the enemy forces unable to organize their forces or coordinate their defense plan.


The Oathkeepers' Firebase is situated in thick forested area, and the Harbingers are approaching from the cover of a rough hilly area to the west. The thick forest cover potentially can hide units as per Hidden Unit rules, if both players agree on that option being used. If hidden units are being used, then the units are placed on the map during deployment and a photo taken to prove where they are being hidden. Organize both forces into lances, and then set up the terrain.
The firebase has 2 Living Quarters buildings (CF 35), 2 'Mech Bay buildings (CF 50), 2 Vehicle Pool buildings (CF 25), 4 Storage buildings (CF 25), 1 Command Center (CF 50), 1 Power Generator building (CF 25), 4 Power Relay buildings (CF 5), 2 Light LRM Turrets (CF 20), and 1 Large Storage building (CF 60). For terrain setup 2d6+2 Light Woods elements, 2d6+3 Rough Terrain elements, and 1d6+2 Hills elements. (This totaled out to 10 Light Woods, 14 Rough Terrain, and 7 Hill elements in total.) Place the buildings on the western part of the map, most of the rough terrain and hill elements along an area from the halfway point of the map to the westernmost one third line (hill elements may be stacked, but avoid touching thiem directly add forests to fill in (there must be at least one clear hex between forests and other elements).
The Harbingers must set up all units (with one exception) on the eastern edge, on the last full hex on the map. The exception are Light 'Mechs which may deploy up to their walking speed in from that edge, including all terrain modifiers. The defenders set up their lances inside the firebase, but one lance must start within three hexes of the Command Center and another must start within three hexes of the Power Generator. The remaining units may deploy anywhere on the western half of the board, provided they are not in prohibited terrain.  


Harbingers Assault Force

  • AS7-D A ("Juggernaut")
    (0/2; Specialist: AC/20, Range Master (M), Stand Aside)
  • AWS-8Q A ("Deadeye")
    (0/2; Specialist: PPC, Lucky 1)
  • AWS-8Q B ("Sassy")
    (0/2; Specialist: PPC, Lucky 1)
  • STK-3F ("Pilgrim")
    (1/2; TRO: Mechs, Multi-Tasker)
  • HCT-3F A ("Trailblazer")
    (0/1; Fist Fire, Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F B ("Bones")
    (2/3; Melee Master)
  • HCT-3F C ("Badboi")
    (2/2; Melee Master)
  • MON-67 A ("Spike")
    (2/3; Specialist: M. Laser)
  • CN9-A ("Patty-Cake")
  • ENF-4R B ("Cinders")
    (3/3; Range Master (M), Lucky 1)
Harbingers Vehicle Squad
  • LRM Carrier A (Crew 33)
    (0/5; Multi-Tasker)
  • SRM Carrier A (Hellriders)
  • SRM Carrier B (Crew 9)
    (0/5; Multi-Tasker)
  • Schrek PPC Carrier (Crew 6)
    (0/5; Speed Demon)
Harbingers Hired Guns
  • GLT-4L ("Chevalier")
    (3/4; Hot Dog)
  • VLK-QA ("Jaunt")
    (3/4; TRO: Mechs)

Emmetton Defenders

  • AWS-8Q (2/2)
    (Sniper; Commander)
  • WVR-6K (2/4)
  • RFL-3N (2/5)
  • BNC-3M (4/3)
  • QKD-4G (2/4)
    (Jumping Jack; Commander)
  • LCT-3V (4/6)
  • WSP-1A (5/7)
  • GRF-1N (4/5)
  • CN9-A (3/3)
    (Specialist: AC/10; Commander)
  • WSP-1A (4/6)
  • HBK-4G (2/5)
  • CPLT-C1 (3/5)
  • Hetzer (3/6)
  • Vedette (4/5)
  • Vedette (4/5)
  • Scorpion SRM (4/6)
Base Defenses
  • Light LRM Turret A (3)
  • Light LRM Turret B (3)


Special Rules

Forced Withdrawal: When certain conditions are met, the defending units will surrender in position. These conditions are as follows:
  • If a BattleMech expends all their ammunition and has no more available weapons.
  • If a BattleMech loses one side torso location due to damage.
  • If a BattleMech sustains internal damage in two torso locations or three limb locations.
  • If a BattleMech suffers two Engine hits or one Engine hit and one Gyro hit.
  • If a BattleMech is rendered immobile or otherwise unable to escape the battlefield.
Any units from the Sanglamore battalion may retreat to any of the three buildings used for dispatching Reinforcements, as noted below.
Salvage: Salvage may be claimed from units neutralized during the battle.
Morale: When a defending unit would normally enter forced withdrawal, it will instead roll a Piloting check modified by a +3 TN penalty if it cannot see a unit commander. It must repeat this check at the end of any turn it takes damage after this.
Light LRM Turrets: A heavy emplacement holds four LRM 5 launchers, with one ton of ammunition for each. It fires with a base Gunnery of 3, and can sustain 20 damage. On any attack roll hitting it which reads 12, roll an additional critical chance roll. On a roll of 7 or more, the turret becomes non-functional.
Thumper Support: The Harbingers have brought along a Thumper Artillery piece and crew to fire. Every other turn, they may designate three locations at the start of initiative within sight of a friendly unit. After all other weapons have been fired, the artillery shell will land. The Base Gunnery TN is 10; for every 2 points of Gunnery under 4 which the spotting unit has, there is a -1 bonus. Firing on the same hex in a successive turn will allow a -1 bonus for that attack. If a targeted hex is hit, it will always be possible to hit that hex.  

Special Abilities

Fist Fire: This unit may use its weapon mounted on an arm after a successful punch or weapon attack which deals damage. This follow-up attack is made at a -1 bonus to hit, and will impact in the same location the physical attack lands.
Hot Dog: Experience has taught this pilot to handle the heat load of their BattleMech carefully. This pilot can add a -1 bonus to the Target Number needed to avoid all heat effects due to high heat levels.
Human TRO: Not all pilots focus on the task of combat, but instead on knowing the weaknesses of one class of units ('Mechs, Vehicles, etc) so they may be exploited. For the chosen class of units, this pilot adds +1 to their roll to determine Critical Hits.
Jumping Jack: This unit is more accurate when jumping than normal, having only a +1 to-hit penalty.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Melee Master: It's a savage dance, melee combat, and those who have honed their talents can make it rather deadly. This unit may perform an additional additional punch kick, or weapon attack on its turn.
Melee Specialist: Few people can focus well on melee combat with 'Mechs, since it requires a shift to thinking about how you approach the enemy. Those who do hone this sense receive a -1 To-Hit bonus for melee attacks, and will do 1 extra damage on a hit.
Multi-Tasker: Whenever you want to exploit a target-rich environment, or just need to have your attention divided, it's difficult. However, this pilot reduces all attacks against secondary targets by a -1 To-Hit bonus after working on their ability to split their focus.
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.
Sniper: Experience teaches pilots how to lead distant targets better, making it less difficult to hit their targets. This pilot halves all standard range penalties (+1 for medium range, +2 for long range).
Speed Demon: This unit may move 1 extra space while using Running/Flank speed, but it may make no attack action this round.
Stand Aside: This pilot can force their way through a hex occupied by an opposing unit at a cost of +1 MP. To do so, they must succeed at a Piloting Skill Roll with a bonus of -2 for each weight class they outweigh the enemy by, or a penalty of +1 for each weight class they are outmassed by. A failed PSR will result in losing half their remaining movement speed.
Weapon Specialist: Training and time have brought a sense of a particular weapon and how to get the most out of it. This unit has a -2 To-Hit bonus with their chosen weapon.

Battle Report


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The Harbingers' assault team quickly approached, while the defenders mobilized their combat units. Believing the outcome was almost assuredly out of control and would be a loss, the non-combat personnel began systematically destroying their files. The defenders quietly just raised the banner of an orange dragon clutching its own tail, a signal they intended to defend their base. The Oathkeepers had their reasons to fight, even if it was a losing battle.

Turns One & Two

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The Oathkeepers begin moving forward, with the Harbingers moving their heavy firepower to the south towards the covering cliffs. In turn, the Oathkeepers move their assets to intercept, hoping to engage them at the edge of the turrets' range and draw them in. As the forces begin to converge, the Oathkeepers' Awesome AWS-8Q and Rifleman RFL-3N manage to tag the approaching Stalker STK-3F with a relatively minor amount of damage. The Harbingers, by comparison, do not land any appreciable damage on the defenders.  

Turn Three

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With the Harbingers now in visual range, they begin using artillery support from their Thumper crew. The unfortunate results were a wild drift, though one of the Wasps was caught in the blast radius. The maneuvering efforts continue, as the northern side had the defending Awesome landing two PPC bolts into the Stalker's left arm. The Oathkeepers' forces maneuver to take cover at the cliffside in the center of the battleground so they could avoid presenting easy targets; the Hetzer and Hunchback need to get closer, to give heavy firepower support.  

Turn Four

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The Wolverine WVR-6K steps up onto the center cliff while the rest of the southern defenders stack in to begin focusing on the Hatchetman as the weakest link there. Weapons fire from the Guillotine GLT-4L coming over the southern hill as well as from the Centurion CN9-A and Hatchetman HCT-3F all impact the Wolverine and manage to damage the gyro; the resulting difficulty in maintaining footing causes it to fall. It proved worthwhile, however, as the Wolverine, Centurion, and Banshee BNC-3M all manage to converge fire on the Hatchetman and force it to its knees.
On the northern side, the Oathkeepers back up and likewise focus on a Hatchetman who decided to go to high ground. The severe damage was not enough to stop it, and the Schrek PPC Carrier and Atlas manage to begin firing on the defending Awesome as the biggest threat in that area.  

Turn Five

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The Oathkeepers' Locust runs up on the Hatchetman intending to lay into it, and while it manages to deal a considerable amount of damage, the Hatchetman in turn slams its hatchet home twice - once into the left torso, once into the right torso, shredding them clear both times. "Patty-Cake" claims it was like watching someone carve a turkey, with two expert swipes. Shortly afterwards the Hetzer Wheeled Assault Vehicle squares off and its Class Twenty Autocannon and shreds the left side of the Hatchetman completely off; the impact begins at the shoulder and winds up drifting just shy of the fusion engine. Meanwhile, the Wolverine fails to rise, and after losing its arm it surrenders quietly.
On the northern front, the Oathkeepers' Rifleman as well pushes its Class Five Autocannons and Large Lasers to fire again; it tags the Hatchetman but once more fails to do damage enough to put it down. The Harbingers to the north begin to converge, the Atlas plodding along slowly while the SRM Carrier and Schrek rolled ever closer. To the south, the Guillotine fires its weaponry at the Banshee, having realized the danger there; yet most of the shots fail to connect. The Centurion takes aim at the Hetzer, and shreds through the forward armor to render the autocannon unable to fire again. The one Wasp which attempted to flank the Mongoose fails to really do credible damage, but in turn is forced to the ground where it decided to stay down. The other Wasp similarly could not do appreciable damage to the Valkyrie, though it remained unaffected.
The Oathkeepers' Awesome fired into the Atlas, taking off a large amount of the armor off the left arm. After a brief consideration of the risks, the Harbingers have their Awesomes focus fire into the Banshee; five of six PPCs cause incredible damage which are followed by the LRM Carrier's barrage force the Banshee to fall over onto its back. As the enemy force commander realized the Banshee would not likely rise quickly enough, the comms opened with a request for parley.  


The Oathkeepers struck a deal with the Harbingers, abandoning six of their BattleMechs and one vehicle for their escape. With the base seized, the Harbingers began stripping out anything they could make use of and reducing it to a simple outpost to further their goals of reaching further east.

Damage Report


  • AS7-D A: Right Arm (20 Armor), Left Torso (10 Armor)
  • STK-3F: Left Arm (20 Armor), Right Torso (10 Armor), Center Torso (10 Armor)
  • ENF-4R B: Right Torso (5 Armor)
  • HCT-3F A: Left Arm (11 Armor, Destroyed; 1x Medium Laser repairable), Left Torso (14 Armor, Destroyed; 2x Heat Sink repairable), Left Leg (11 Armor, 50% Structure), Right Arm (7 Armor), Right Torso (12 Armor), Right Leg (9 Armor), Center Torso (8 Armor; Gyro Hit), Head (2 Armor)
  • HCT-3F B: Left Arm (11 Armor, 50% Structure; Upper Actuator destroyed), Left Torso (14 Armor), Left Leg (11 Armor), Right Torso (8 Armor), Right Leg (6 Armor), Center Torso (12 Armor)
  • MON-67: Left Arm (5 Armor), Left Torso (2 Armor)


  • AWS-8Q C: Left Arm (6 Armor), Left Torso (13 Armor), Left Leg (20 Armor), Right Arm (24 Armor, 25% Structure; PPC 1 crit), Center Torso (25 Armor)
  • BNC-3M: Left Arm (10 Armor), Left Torso (30 Armor), Left Leg (14 Armor), Right Arm (19 Armor), Right Torso (16 Armor), Right Leg (26 Armor, 25% Structure), Center Torso (20 Armor; Heat Sink destroyed), Head (5 Armor)
  • Hetzer: Front (20 Armor), Right (5 Armor), AC/20 (Destroyed)


  • AS7-D A: LRM 20, AC/20 (2 tons)
  • STK-3F: LRM 10 (1 ton)
  • CN9-A: AC/10, LRM 10 (2 tons)
  • ENF-4R B: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F A: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F B: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • HCT-3F C: AC/10 (1 ton)
  • SRM Carrier A: SRM 6 (2 tons)
  • SRM Carrier B: SRM 6 (2 tons)
  • LRM Carrier A: LRM 20 (1 ton)

Mercenary Report

  • "Jaunt": Rearming and repairing. Fee: 60 SP
  • "Chevalier": Rearming and repairing severe damage. Fee: 60 SP

Medical Report

  • "Trailblazer": 1 Wound

Salvage Report

  • AWS-8Q: Sent to repair bay.
  • BNC-3M: Sent to repair bay.
  • Hetzer: Sent to repair bay.
Kreiss' Cut
  • RFL-3N: Sold to Captain Kreiss. Valued at 60 WP towards debt.
  • WVR-6K: Sold to Captain Kreiss. Valued at 55 WP towards debt.
  • LCT-3V: Sold to Captain Kreiss. Valued at 20 WP towards debt.
  • WSP-1A: Sold to Captain Kreiss. Valued at 20 WP towards debt.
Base Components: Total Value 205 WP.  

NPC Report


  • AWS-8Q (2/2; Sniper): Sent to repairs, 'MechWarrior released.
  • BNC-3M (4/3): Sent to repairs, 'MechWarrior released.
  • WVR-6K (2/4): BattleMech seized by Harbingers, 'MechWarrior released.
  • RFL-3N (2/5): BattleMech seized by Harbingers, 'MechWarrior released.
  • LCT-3V (4/6): BattleMech seized by Harbingers, 'MechWarrior released.
  • WSP-1A (5/7): BattleMech seized by Harbingers, 'MechWarrior released.
  • Hetzer (3/6): Sent to repairs, crew released.


  • QKD-4G (2/4; Jumping Jack): Released.
  • CN9-A (3/3; Specialist: AC/10): Released.
  • GRF-1N (4/5): Released.
  • WSP-1A (4/6): Released.
  • HBK-4G (2/5): Released.
  • CPLT-C1 (3/5): Released.
  • Vedette (4/5): Released.
  • Vedette (4/5): Released.
  • Scorpion SRM (4/6): Released.


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