Antas Pass

General Summary

Mission Profile

  • Mission Type: Area Control
  • Force Size: Unlimited
  • Location: Antas Pass, Pelea Continent
  • Weather: Slightly Cloudy
  • Time of Day: Early Morning

Situation Overview

On March 19, 3032, the Fourth Legion of Vega began to move the Third and Fifth lances with the intent to embed them into the Harbor District of White Reach. Priam Company was notified of their movement, and mobilized a similarly-sized force to try to head them off at Antas Pass. The steep cliffs in the area coupled with rough and difficult terrain would make it relatively easy to shut down the advance if the pass could be fortified. Of course, if the Legion can get that done as well, it's unlikely a frontal attack would be successful.  


Objective: There are four strategic objectives on the map. Either side must have uncontested control of a majority of these objectives at the end of a turn to claim victory.  


Antas Pass is full of tall cliffs and patches of forest, with a couple high spots amidst the mountains. It consists of 15 Hill Elements, 8 Rough Terrain Elements, and 7 Light Forest Elements. The middle third of the map is framed using the 4 Sheer Cliff elements to frame the field, and the Hill Elements are stacked to provide up to Level 3 heights; Rough Terrain and Light Forest fill in the area around them, to make it hard to approach any of those hills without being seen. Four Objective Markers are placed in this third of the board, on Level 3 terrain but not within 10 spaces of each other, nor within 10 spaces of the starting positions.  


Priam Company
Dragonbait Force

  • VTR-9B (Mikell)
    (2/2; Tactical Genius, Iron Will)
  • GLT-4P (Otto)
    (2/4; Lucky 2)
  • WLF-1 (Kelly)
    (1/3; Blood Stalker, Marksman)
  • WHM-6R A (Calvin)
  • MAD-3M "Peacemaker" ("Gunslinger")
    (2/4; Range Master L)
  • Condor A (Crew 12) (2/4; Maneuvering Ace)
  • LRM Carrier A ("Jeska's Jokers")
  • LRM Carrier B ("Bull's Horns")

Legion of Vega
Third Lance

  • TBT-5N (4/5)
  • FS9-H (4/4)
  • UM-R60 (3/7)
  • UM-R60 (4/6)
Fifth Lance
  • SHD-2K (3/5)
  • PNT-9R (3/5)
  • PNT-9R (4/5)
  • PHX-1 (4/4)
Vehicle Sipport
  • J. Edgar (MG) (4/5)
  • Pegasus (4/5)
  • Pegasus (4/5)


Special Rules

Persistent Damage: LRM Carrier A has one LRM-20 launcher inoperable at the beginning of combat, and is limited to only two active launchers. WHM-6R A has 1 point of damage permanently in the Left Torso internal structure.
Objectives: Four special markers are in place which represent strategic targets for the mission, and the goal of the mission is to control a majority of these markers for a total of three turns. To control a marker, a unit has to be within two spaces of it and have line of sight, or be closer than any opposing unit. If there are any opposing units equally as close, the marker is not under control. Objectives are not actual targets and cannot be targeted or destroyed.
Long Tom Support: Priam Company has brought along some artillery support and deployed it to cover their efforts. Every other turn, they may designate one location at the start of initiative within sight of a friendly unit. After all other weapons have been fired, the artillery shell will land. The Base Gunnery TN is 8; for every 2 points of Gunnery under 4 which the spotting unit has, apply a -1 bonus. For every 6 hexes (or part of such) from the spotting unit, apply a +2 penalty. Firing on the same hex in a successive turn will allow a -1 bonus for that attack. If a targeted hex is hit, it will always be possible to hit that hex.  

Special Abilities

Blood Stalker: Once per scenario, this pilot may focus entirely on one target unit. They receive a -1 to hit bonus against that target, but have a +2 to hit penalty against any other target. These modifiers last until the end of the turn after the specified target has either retreated or been otherwise defeated.
Iron Will: This unit has a tough time being affected by anything which would spook or shake a normal person. It receives a -2 TN bonus for purposes of morale or other mental resistance tricks.
Lucky: Sometimes you just find luck when you least expect it. For each point of Lucky, this pilot may reroll one Gunnery or Piloting roll per scenario.
Maneuvering Ace: This pilot has practiced a lot concerning movement, and can make their units do some truly amazing stunts. This pilot can employ the "lateral shift" maneuver at +1 MP if they are a MechWarrior. They also receive a -1 bonus to rolls to prevent skidding/sideslipping.
Marksman: This pilot has trained to be able to pick out a target area on their enemies rather than merely trying to hit. If the pilot does not move, and fires only one weapon on its turn, they may make a called shot as though it has a Targeting Computer. (Consult TW, p.143)
Range Master: This pilot has trained to fire more accurately at a different range than normal. They swap their short range penalty for the designated range penalty (either medium or long range this means their short range is now less accurate but their chosen range is more accurate.
Tactical Genius: Officers often have a grasp of the broader situation on the battlefield, which leads to spectacular events concerning combat. This unit may choose to act one phase earlier in initiative phases.  

Battle Report


(Image Link)
Priam Company takes a relatively small, but heavy, force to attempt holding the pass. They anticipate the Legion sending a light arrangement of assets, fast and lightly-armored, in their attempt to seize the area for their purposes. The gamble has to pay off, otherwise the DCMS unit is going to slip units into the city to go to ground.

Turn 1

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Priam Company moved forward slowly, as the fast-moving hovercraft began to move to the western point and the jump-capable Lance of Legion 'Mechs made for the eastern point. Without a clear shot, the Marauder and Wolfhound hope to move up and start firing on the eastern point when the Legion takes it. The western forces, however, decide to go for the closer point instead of the west one to get a higher vantage for fire.  

Turn 2

(Image Link)
With a quick motion, the two Pegasus Scout Hovercraft move to engage the slower BattleMechs while the J. Edgar moves for the point. The Warhammer can't get a firing solution, so the Condor tries to catch the Pegasus and stall it out. However, its weapons don't succeed in hitting while the Pegasus' return shot manages to wreck the motive system.

On the western side, the LRM Carriers take the opportunity to fire on the Phoenix Hawk and Firestarter, but fail to hit with any serious damage. The Marauder steadies itself, and all three of its weapons connect and stagger the Phoenix Hawk; by contrast the Wolfhound's shot goes wide.  

Turn 3

(Image Link)
On the eastern side of the pass, the Wolfhound becomes the primary target of most of the advancing DCMS units. The Panthers and Phoenix Hawk stand at one of the objective points, firing on the Wolfhound yet failing to connect. The Shadow Hawk and Firestarter approach along the other hill's slope, managing to connect; the lasers from the Firestarter and the missiles of the Shadow Hawk. In retaliation, the Wolfhound's weapons tear into the Firestarter. The Marauder hangs back, firing on one of the Panthers now there's a clear shot. Those shots tear through the right side of the lighter 'Mech, dealing considerable damage.

On the other side of the pass, the Pegasus attempts to move for the objective. It finds the Guillotine and Victor standing ready, as lasers and a heavy Autocannon tear through it from front to back. The J. Edgar, however, manages to reach a second objective point for the DCMS.  

Turn 4

(Image Link)
Priam Company attempts to entice the 'Mechs on the eastern objective to scatter by calling down artillery on the hill. Instead of leaving, the trio focus on holding the point and firing on any targets they can reliably hit. The Firestarter pursues the Wolfhound, which is trying to shed excess waste heat. The Victor and Warhammer attempt to cut off the second Pegasus from boxing in the Wolfhound, though they fail to keep the hovercraft and Firestarter from pouring more damage into it. The LRM Carriers rain fire down on the eastern objective point, but it turns into a lost cause as the two UrbanMechs move to hold down the northern point. With this, Priam Company begins withdrawing while carrying the motionless Condor.  


With the inability to keep the Legion from seizing the pass, the Third and Fifth lances secure a path through to the Harbor District. While Priam Company regroups, the Legion's forces dig into the western extent of the main city. Commander Sethan's focus now has to be on a potentially defensive battle as there is a serious risk of the Legion having at least two fronts to take the city from.

Damage Report


  • WLF-1: Left Arm (12 Armor, 50% Internal), Left Torso (5 Armor), Right Torso (5 Armor)
  • GLT-4P: Left Arm (2 Armor), Left Leg (2 Armor), Left Torso (8 Armor), Right Arm (6 Armor), Right Leg (2 Armor), Center Torso (5 Armor)
  • Condor A: Front (19 Armor), Right (4 Right), Turret (4 Armor), Motive Hit


  • Long Tom Support Reload: 50 SP
  • Guillotine GLT-4P: SRM-6 (1 ton)
  • Condor A: AC/5 (1 ton)
  • VTR-9B: AC/20 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier A: LRM-20 (1 ton)
  • LRM Carrier B: LRM-20 (1 ton)

Mercenary Report

  • Authorized payment for "Gunslinger": -60 SP

NPC Report

  • Firestarter FS9-H improves Gunnery (3/4).
    Acquires Jumping Jack SPA.
  • UrbanMech UM-R60 improves Gunnery (3/6).
    Acquires Lucky 2 SPA.
  • UrbanMech UM-R60 improves Gunnery (2/7).
    Acquires Lucky 2 SPA.
  • Trebuchet TBT-5N improves Gunnery (3/5).
    Acquires Range Master (L) SPA.
  • Shadow Hawk SHD-2K improves Piloting (3/4).
    Acquires Sniper SPA.
  • Panther PNT-9R improves Piloting (3/4).
    Acquires Jumping Jack SPA.
  • Panther PNT-9R improves Piloting (4/4).
    Acquires Jumping Jack SPA.
  • Phoenix Hawk PHX-1 improves Gunnery (3/4).
    Acquires Sniper SPA.


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