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The Grand Lisa

The Grand Lisa is a massive space colony ship, home to 2.5 million human beings. Its location is classified in order to ensure the safety of its populace.


The core of The Grand Lisa was manufactured in secret parallel to the construction of Andalee-9, earth's first orbiting space station. While Andalee-9 was built on earth, Lisa's parts were developed
so they could be easily assembled in space. Once the Andalee-9 was in orbit, its crew, not knowing what they were actually working on, began The Grand Lisa's assembly.   Once constructed, the Lisa's core could sustain its own small crew separate from Andalee-9. This crew continued to build deck modules branching out from the core, expanding its capacity to sustain life. As the crew grew in size, so did the speed at which The Grand Lisa could expand.   This process took over 16 years before The Grand Lisa officially separated from the Andalee-9. It was as though one space station had given birth to another, much larger, baby.  


Once The Grand Lisa's construction became so large that it couldn't be kept a secret any more, citizen's of earth demanded to know more details about its purpose. The official statement made by Pantodyne Industries officials, was that The Grand Lisa was to be humanity's first space colony, which would explore the outer reaches of known space. Along with a carefully curated and trained crew, lotteries would be held across the globe to determine who could join them as citizens of the first intergalactic space station.   Over time, the prevailing belief was that the lotteries were rigged. Winners were supposedly taken to a secret facility where they could learn to deal with the rigors of space travel, and prepare for their new life. However few people actually knew someone who won. It was always a cousin of a cousin or a friend's Canadian uncle twice removed.   As civil unrest had developed across much of the globe, conspiracies developed claiming that the vessel was a life boat for the elites, looking to escape what was the downward trajectory of life on earth. These wild speculations became became myth, for not long after The Grand Lisa uncoupled from Andalee-9 it disappeared from our solar system.   Utilizing a new Pantodyne engine, The Grand Lisa had jumped through time and space.  


  Government officials, along with Pantodyne spokespeople, assured the public that The Grand Lisa's location was known but classified. Pantodyne claimed they were constant contact with Lisa, and that a shuttle system would be bringing her supply shipments and potentially more lottery winners.   This relationship between earth and the space colony became the subject of much debate, as it appeared to be only beneficial one way, with The Grand Lisa receiving resources from earth and giving nothing back. Scientists countered that data acquired by The Grand Lisa's journey would lead to development of not only more ships for future colonies, but also develop better systems to deal with earth's growing ecological crisis.  


Look, I'm not gonna lie. Life on the Grand Lisa is pretty sweet. Imagine a giant mall that you live in. Imagine skate parks and movie theaters. Good schools and high class restaurants. Work is finally fulfilling because we have a united goal. Maintain this dream forever.   If you ever find The Grand Lisa, count your blessings because you've found a heaven heretofore only depicted on the ancient celluloid dreams of the 1980's. We have manifested them. They are real.
    The Grand Lisa is divided into several sectors, with new facilities being constructed as we speak.   Maintenance and manufacturing is key to keeping The Grand Lisa running. Pantodyne Industries has developed several mining and processing plants on iron rich planets, which supply The Grand Lisa with new components, increasing its independence from planet earth. Some citizens in the manufacturing industry are deployed to these smelting planets on seasonal shifts, keeping them from not only their families, but from the blessings of The Grand Lisa. These sacrifices are appreciated and well compensated.   Life on The Grand Lisa still resembles that of any other vibrant earth children going to school, parents going to work, and a wide assortment of leisure and cultural enrichment facilities. However, there are no churches on The Grand Lisa, as religion and particularly faith in some sort of afterlife was deemed meaningless and possibly detrimental to the colony's life. Why believe in a heaven, when you can make it on The Grand Lisa?  


  The Ferris-Sawyer Media Network is The Grand Lisa's own television network, broadcast throughout the station. While is has an extensive back catalogue of earth films and TV series, it also produces original content.   FSMN also produces the Lisa A.M. and The Evening Chronicle, two programs that report the news and other human interests stories in the morning and evening, respectively.   TUSHINGHAM CORES Tushingham cores are containment batteries for coronal plasmoids, which are used in a fusion process that powers The Grand Lisa. To learn more about coronal plasmoids and how we harvest and process them read this article.


One of the most popular spaces on The Grand Lisa is the Galleria Omni, a super-mall where everyone can spend their hard earned Patch. Rebellious youngsters scope out the opposite sex here, dressing in the latest fashion. I wonder if Joey will finally confess his love to Kamille! Ah to be young again!  


When your dreams have come true, what do you aspire to? The Clark is a luxury housing sector that so many citizens of The Grand Lisa aspire to own a piece of. This gated community boasts grass yards, white picket fences, and a members only physical fitness facility where you can jazzercize those love handles away.


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