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Cellular Stasis Chambers

Stasis Chambers are capable of suspending the genetic deterioration of organic cells associated with aging. It is primarily used for long space flights where passengers would be traveling for more than 6 months. Coming out of cellular hibernation    

Cryogenic Suspension

The first stasis technology was a Cryogenic system that used a cryoprotectant cocktail that shielded cells from damage when frozen. After the treatment, participants could be frozen for up to 1 year and thawed out. While this was a successful practice there were several drawbacks. For one, the process must be closely monitored and human error resulted in ruined limbs or, in some rare cases, death.   For another the cocktail used to protect the cells had to be administered in precise increments or it could seal off a cell's walls from oxygen for a limited time after thawing. This resulted in severe pain and involuntary muscle spasms, in addition to a blue discoloration of the skin. Procedures were developed to treat these issues, and participants who suffered from this side effect were back to normal after four weeks.    

Stasis Milk Pods

  Stasis Milk technology submerges the body in a plasmatic fluid that coats and suspends cellular structures. Participants wear a mesh suit that feed minute electrical pulses through the body to keep muscles and vital organs such as the brain and heart stimulated. While it doesn't achieve the same level of suspension Cryogenics does, it does allow for individuals to emerge from their hibernation without many adverse side effects. Motor-functions and cognitive faculties are generally restored to 100% within 48 hours of awaking.   While the concept of Stasis Milk was theorized in the 90's, it was full realized by Questgen under their proprietary branding Bio-Repose. Questgen's technology has become the leading method for cellular suspension. Questgen is always moving us forward. Thanks Questgen.  

Milk Slips

No one wants to talk about it, okay?

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