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A biotech and genetic research company looking to use bleeding edge scientific advancements to enhance the potential of human capabilities.    


  Elgon Rancastor Malkonian was an investor in several bio technology companies, believing that technology could expand the potential of humanity beyond its wildest imagination. Malkonian founded his fledgling company in 2008, at the age of 21, using the millions left to him by his father Mortimer Malkonian. Questgen started work in the medical field and robotic prosthetics.   After the 3rd great world war ended, Questgen gained a government contract to work with injured military personal in the development of advanced prosthetics. This would eventually lead to their first major break through, a new bio synthetic memory storage device called Broad Brain.


Broad Brain -

This device is a semi-organic netting that is surgically overlaid on our brains. It can be used to reconnect injured pathways of the brain, and boost its capability to process data.   Broad Band was heavily used by programmers and engineers to great success, helping pave the way in for a technological revolution.  

Bio-Repose - Stasis Milk Technology

  Malkonian revealed in 2047, that Questgen had developed Bio-Repose, a kind of milk substance that could put the human body in a sustained biological stasis for long periods of time. using this "stasis milk" human cells are nearly frozen in time, allowing for long periods of space travel without genetic aging or deterioration.   Bio-Repose's formula has been utilized in several space journeys with few ill-effects.



In 2110, the LASV-3 virus, colloquially referred to as the "Lassie Virus" spread across the globe, without a known origin. Many underground data reporters revealed supposedly revealed leak documents that the deadly virus started in one of Questgen's genetic research facilities. However this theory has been refuted by all major news outlets.  


Part of Questgen's continued success and positive image is Elgon Malkonian's advanced age. In 2117, Malkonian turned 130 years old, making him the oldest human on earth. However the true marvel was his display of youthful vigor characteristic of a man less than half that age. Malkonian suggests that science is keeping him it alive and will continue to do so for many years to come.    


In 2115 Elgon Malkonian IV, who is in actuality the son of the first Elgon Malkonian, forced his father out, citing that despite the technology keeping him alive, Malkonian was no longer capable of leading the company into the 22nd Century.   A corporate coup ensued, forcing Elgon Malkonian into retirement, remaining available only in a limited advisory role.   Malkonian IV, though very young looks to continue to expand the empire his father created


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