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Also known as Stingpuffs and Stingsheep, these recently discovered creatures live in parts of the rainforest Beast Lands where they reside in trees. Incidentally, the naming conflict has led several Wayfarer Representatives to advise a full mental support program for everyone involved in the exploration. The very fact that they even suggested calling them sheep, while they're nothing of the sort, makes it clear that these Wayfarers need to recover from their intense journey.   The recent Dansitu exploration into the rainforest, which took over seventeen months to complete, has greatly enhanced our knowledge of what Beasts and animals live there. Dansitu herself classified the Sharpuffs as non-aggressive Beasts. Further studies will help us establish whether we should indeed consider them such, or relabel them as animals.  

Sharp furballs

The Sharpuffs are a species with a thick layer of curly fur, which does somewhat resemble a sheep's wool. That's where the comparison stops. Their fur is quite sharp and also shatters relatively easily, with the remnants being incredibly stingy and irritating. Multiple exploration members were blinded by such remnants, though fortunately proper treatment helped them recover over time.   Sharpuffs live in trees and consume leaves, bark, fruits, and bugs. They fear little predation, as any predator trying to attack them will then be stung by the fur. If they merely come in contact, it seems the creatures will desperately roll over the ground or scratch at the irritating feeling. In some cases they clawed themselves to death in desperation.   In case of a bite, the creatures seem to desperately try to get rid of it by biting into bushes, bark, or water. None seem properly effective though. Eventually the consumed remnants seem to be dissolved, though for hours the creatures will writhe in pain.  


Because of these characteristics, the exploration carefully shaved part of the fur of some Sharpuffs, then glued this to their gauntlets. They combined this with multiple layers of clothing and protective goggles, preventing any remnants from injuring them. When attacked by a Beast, shoving the gauntlet into their mouth was a dangerous but efficient way of disabling the attacker.   The Wayfarer Guild is considering petitioning countries to formally outlaw Sharpuff fur as it could too easily be used as torture device.


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