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When souls go feral they become a danger to both the living and to other souls. The music singer bros are an arm of the church of singer peeps who dedicate themselves to hunting down these feral souls and eliminating them. The process by which they do this is called Muting, which has earned them the title of Muters amongst the population.   Muters are able to see souls via amplified singing, each and every Muter is able to produce either incredibly low or incredibly high notes. These notes are then amplified by an ingenious piece of technology, created by a Conductor of the Church over twenty years ago. The soundwaves produced by the amplified voices allow souls to be seen as disturbances in the air, a slight distortion of space that look like floating ripples.   Muters hunt feral souls by following the wake of their effects, once they believe they are near one they begin singing until they are able to pinpoint it. To capture it they call uon the aid of friendly souls in order to weave a magical barrier around them. They then transport the feral soul back to their main headquarters in [placeholder]. Here the soul is placed into an [anechoic] chamber, built by the previous Conductor of the church. The chamber doesn't allow the reverberration of sound and cause the soul to dissipate. A muter sees their role as unpleasant but necessary, they take no pleasure in killing souls, but believe that they are following the way of the song. There are some who consider them mere executioners and others who hold them as protectors and heroes.


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Dec 27, 2020 22:30

Great version of ghost/ soul and how to deal with them.