Causes: Contracting Amusia Almata in life, behaving outside one's personality after death, being forced to act outside one's personality after death, extended period of time spent without any tuning after death.   Discordance is an unnatural force which tries to permeate and corrupt the universal song. when a soul experiences too much discordance they go feral, they will begin to behave agressively towards other souls, attempting to spread the discordance.   there have been cases of feral souls attempting to get through the needle, no one is sure what would happen but every non feral soul in the area, including those in the queue, will do their utmost to prevent it.   Most of the time feral souls will be dealt with by other non feral souls, however in order to achieve this they must absorb parts of the feral soul into themselves. This in turn increases their discordance, so they must seek out a prodigy to remove it.   A feral soul has succumbed completely to discordance and is unable to be tuned. As far as anyone knows, there is no way to save a soul once it has gone feral.   Going feral is one of the biggest fears of most people of Zethan as it essentially means the person completely ceases to exist. This acts as one of the biggest controls on people forcing souls.


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