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Magnetic Carriage

These carriages are improved with advanced magnetic and runic technology only the dwarves have the means to create. They are a lesser version of the dwarves' own vehicles, and are given only to the dwarves' closest allies, to transport royalty or government officials as safely and as comfortably as possible.  


  A standard horse-drawn carriage, made completely of a lightweight but strong metal alloy, with a magnet on the chassis and corresponding magnetic array on the cab, causing the cab to levitate several feet above the chassis. Cornerguards keep the cab above the chassis while allowing it to levitate freely above the regular bumps and jostles peasants must bear.  


  The cab is surrounded by a thick glass shell with curved corners for reduced wind resistance, and projectile deflection. Doors and windows have high-tech locks and open from the inside.  


  A large long-range crossbow on top of the cab that can be aimed from inside and has a gravity-fed magazine. The driver is able to fire two forward-facing smaller versions of the top crossbow. Two unmounted crossbows are provided for the security detail to use from inside the cab, through thin windows on each side that can easily be pushed open from inside, and will snap shut again automatically.  


  Locks use a complex rune system with which the owners' life signature is coded into the lock, so they and any they choose are the only ones able to access the vehicle. Officials have been captured while using these cabs, and remained untouched due to the seemingly unbreachable locking system.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Up to four passengers in the cab and two drivers. Two days' provisions can be safely stored in compartments beneath the cab which can be accessed without leaving the vehicle. Four days' provisions can be stored in the cab at the expense of comfort.


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