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Eonwood is harvested from Eon trees, either from carefully pruned branches and seed-pods, or from the trunk itself if the tree is fallen or chopped down. Eon trees grow on and near the glaciers that form the foundations and "bones" of the world, and it is said they hum with power drawn from the forces that hold Vadra together.


Material Characteristics

The tree itself looks like an evergreen tree that's been frozen solid, and Eonwood looks like what you might expect to find if you cut into such a tree, but not nearly so cold, or abrasive. It has a white-clear sheen, and is translucent.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Though technically not warm, the wood just doesn't get cold. It will feel warm if you touch it on a cold day, or cool if it's a hot day.


Eonwood can be used in paper production but is rarely used so frivolously, as in most places it is rare and expensive, and has many more fitting uses. It's usually used in wood and metal crafting of weapons, pendants, tools, and sometimes furniture.

Geology & Geography

Eon trees are only found on or sometimes near glaciers. Specifically, the bones of the world--glaciers that contain immeasurable power from the Creator, Voskos. These glaciers appear throughout the world, on almost every land mass, no matter how large or small. They also border the known world. But not every glacier always has Eon trees.

Life & Expiration

The power does not dissipate unless the wood is destroyed in a fire that is sufficiently hot to destroy most substances. That is to say, no fire created by any mortal creature can come close to burning Eonwood. Time, if anything, seems to have an amplifying effect on the wood and its power.

History & Usage


Early on, it is used to reverse spells and chaotic magical influences. Since it is in essence, the ordered world, it brings things back to the way they should be. Hence it is later used to stabilize powerful technologies that would cause great destruction if uncontained. (think antimatter engines)

Everyday use

Families fortunate enough to have it often use it to ward off evil, and in weapons for fighting monsters.

Cultural Significance and Usage

For humans, it serves as a wholistic symbol for life and society. It is a constant sign that Voskos is present in the world, and sustaining it in His power.   For Dwarves, it speaks of creative opportunity, technology, and Voskos' greatest gift. Yearly, one seedpod is burnt to ash in the largest forge of every Dwarven stronghold, as an incense to God. The natural, pleasing scent washes throughout the strongholds, reminding the inhabitants of Voskos' generosity and love towards them. This is possible because these forges are built around active volcanoes--places where fire spews from the mouth of Firlux, the Aviri of Light and Fire. It is said that when Eonwood is burnt in this way, it is a way to offer back to Voskos the most precious gift He's given, His own sustaining power, not because He would need it back, but as a way of acknowledging its value as being far above anything that could be made by mortal hands.

Environmental Impact

Voskos and the Aviri made it clear from the beginning that Eonwood is to be used, but also preserved, and the trees are to be propagated where necessary to avoid thinning their population. Places devoid of the trees are far more prone to disaster, natural and unnatural. By choice, The Divine Authorities will in effect not be present in those places completely devoid of Eontrees, and the World itself will eventually crumble if balance is not restored. So it is mandated, both by the Divine and most Mortal authorities, that Eontrees be raised more often than felled, and be propagated wherever possible so the world will remain hospitable.
Like a cool breeze in the evening.
Usually tastes like broken teeth mixed with your own blood. 0/10 would not recommend.
Translucent white.
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