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House Snowblood

The Snowblood family are best known as the nobleborn gatekeepers of Summerwind, however, recent events have given them a line to the throne.

Public Agenda

House Snowblood is seemingly more progressive than most high elves, with Lady Eldria Snowblood publicly advocating for equal rights between high elves, wood elves, and dark elves in Eronel. This public image makes many more traditional citizens uneasy, as a Snowblood sitting on the throne could mean a shake-up to the old ways.


Snowblood Manor is the oldest house in Summerwind, and is said to have given respite to as many kings as Alth Palace. Given the fact that Summerwind is a border town, Tannis Snowblood will often open his doors to visiting dignitaries on their way to the capital. The trophy room at Snowblood Manor is rumored to be full of exotic gifts from the building's many visitors.


Following the Nine-Hundred Year War, most nobleborn high elves chose a surname in the commontongue. The Neiradel family changed their name to House Snowblood, out of respect to Erris Neiradel, the only high elf to fight north of the white cliffs.   Since then, the Snowblood family has become one of the most respected in all the elflands. They've lived in Snowblood Manor in Summerwind for over three hundred years. House Snowblood are perhaps best known for acting as gatekeepers of Summerwind, an important political position as it dictates who gets entry in and out of the elven kingdom of Eronel.   Following the death of his son and only heir, Maritus The Good King named Lord Tannis Snowblood, hand to the king. This means when Maritus dies, Tannis will become the Elf King, the first royal member of the Snowblood family name. Following his new appointment, Tannis' brother Fenril took over the task of gatekeeper, thus ensuring House Snowblood continues to hold water in Summerwind.

The coldest winters prove the brightest summers

Alternative Names
In High Elvish: Neiradel
Notable Members

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