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Art: Aurora Over The Towers by Max Suleimanov
Summerwind is a border town between the Elflands and The Free Territory.


Due to its transitory nature, Summerwind is a rare location in Eronel where the so-called "lower races" can be seen mingling amongst the high elves.


The town of Summerwind is overseen by the gatekeeper, a position appointed by the sitting elf king. For three generations, the gate has been kept by members of the Snowblood house after King Eremil appointed Baelis Snowblood to the position.


The external border of Summerwind is defined by a great whitestone wall, the architecture of which is similar to that of Alth Palace. Visitors to the city pass through the Atrium and are checked by a rigorous team of immigration officials. The entire process is overseen by the sitting gatekeeper.


Lord Tannis Snowblood was the acting gatekeeper of Summerwind until Maritus The Good King named him hand following the death of his son. Tannis' brother Fenril took over the position in his stead.
Large town

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