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Nasiga (Na-see-ga)

Nestled in the valley of the Kurai Sora and Akarui Sora Mountains rests Nasiga, the largest Daien temple town for the region.


The town is mostly made up of monks from the temple, farmers, tradesmen, and their families.

Industry & Trade

The main industry of the town is its farms and livestock maintained around its outskirts. Trade is also made with crafted materials such as wool from the sheep and furniture from the nearby woods.   The vast majority of trade is done during the annual festivals that the temple conducts, where Daien followers from the surrounding region and beyond visit the town while making pilgrimages to the neighboring mountains


The largest section of Nasiga is the eastern agricultural district where farmers grow crops and raise livestock.   Upon entering the town proper, one arrives at the market district where merchants and artisans hawk their wears.   Passed the market and its stalls is the residential district with houses for locals and inns for visitors to the town.   In the deepest section of Nasiga lies the temple and its surrounding buildings, including dormitories for the monks, storehouses, and festival grounds.


Nasiga is home to a number of tamed Sky Dragons for herding livestock and Daien ceremonies among other uses.


Despite its remote location, Nasiga experiences heavy traffic thanks to Daien pilgrimages made through the town and towards the mountains around it.


Nasiga is located at the mouth of the valley between the Mounts Kurai Sora and Akarui Sora, the supposed homes of the Daien gods of Storm and Night, respectively.   Due to the northern climate, the town is known to experience heavy snowfall and low temperatures during the winter. Fortunately, the local wool industry is able to meet the demands thereof.

Natural Resources

The valley soil around Nasiga is quite fertile with the average years yielding a bountiful crop. What areas of the valley aren't used for farming functions as grazing fields for the local shepherds, who spin the wool from their flocks into clothes and blankets.
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