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Lycanthropy (Li-can-thro-pee)

Lycanthropy, also known as the Wolf's Bite, turns those afflicted with it into Werewolves.

Transmission & Vectors

The most common method of transmission is via the bite of a Werewolf.   However, recent events surrounding the The Hound's Fang investigation have proved that Lycanthropy can carried by blood transfusions and supplements derived from Werewolves.


Leading up to the afflicted's first transformation into a Werewolf, they typically exhibit symptoms including increased hair growth, strength, sensitivity to sounds and smells, and irritability. However, it is unclear if the latter is directly caused by the Lycanthropy or a biproduct of the afflicted's heightened senses.   During their first transformation, afflicted have been reported to experience a brief, but intense manic dissociative state due to the stresses involved with their transformation. In such states, the afflicted have been known to lash out violently at those around them, seemingly not recognizing even dear loved ones.   Following their first transformation, the afflicted will have developed pronounced canine teeth, pointed ears (assuming the afflicted wasn't of Elven decent), and a tail that remains even when in bipedal form.


If the afflicted has not yet transformed into a wolf, it is possible to remove the Lycanthropy through use of medicines. However, the effectiveness of these remedies diminishes drastically the closer the afflicted is to its first transformation.   Once the afflicted as undergone their first transformation, the Lycanthropy can no longer be cured. Treatments have been developed to ease symptoms following this point such as dampening senses and mild anesthetics for making transformations less painful.

Affected Groups

Humans are considered the most susceptible to Lycanthropy while those of Elven decent appear to have more resistance to infection.   Kitsune seem to be immune to transmission with the prevailing theory attributing it to their natural animalistic traits.


Outside of taking Lycanthrope medication before being bitten, the most tried and true method of reducing the odds of infection is to avoid Werewolves during a full moon, when transmission rates are at their highest.


Given its transmission vectors, it is very hard for Lycanthropy to unintentionally spread through a community.   However, settlements near known Werewolf packs are often on high alert for full moon raids by such packs with tales circulating of entire villages either turned or killed.

Cultural Reception

In most societies, Werewolves and those afflicted are typically ostracized for fear of spreading Lycanthropy and the potential violence that can occur during transformation. Historically, settlements or even entire regions have lead campaigns to hunt and kill Wolves to prevent their spread.   While such hunts are rare currently, most packs strictly forbid transmitting Lycanthropy if only to keep peace between them and neighboring settlements.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital
Affected Species

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