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A Kyamese snack comprised of a sweet spread sandwiched between two small pancakes.


It is believed that the origin of Dorayaki can be traced back to during the feudal wars in Kyama.    After an invading army raided a Dian temple and the surrounding villages, one of the monks used a small gong that had avoided being looted as a gridle to cook bread cakes for the surviving villagers.   The addition of sweet spreads and a second cake came later supposedly as a way of creating a heavier food while remaining easy to store and carry.


Due to its history, Dorayaki are often associated with generosity, charity, and compassion; often given as a sign of care.   They are a popular treat at Kyamese and Daien festivals as they are often easy to make as well as eat while walking about.   Dorayaki have also proved quite popular with audiences in the Ellerich Alliance and Calios with variations cropping up due to the simplicity of the recipe.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Owning Organization
The snack is commonly available most places where Kyamese dishes are served.
Raw materials & Components
At its most base level, Dorayaki simply require a pair of pancakes and sweet tasting spread to go in between.   Traditionally, this spread would be a red bean paste, as is common in most Kyamese desserts. Outside of Kyama, some chefs have experimented with fruit-based jams like strawberry or grape jelly. Others have used cocoa to make chocolate-flavored variations of the snack.
Some bakers use special gridles to emboss designs onto their cakes while cooking. Depending on the cook and the occasion, the designs could be anything from Daien symbols to the name of their bakery.

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