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Erdric Kevan

High King of Corwynth (a.k.a. Kevan Sands)

Kevan "Springbank" lived a short but valiant life. At a young age, his father explained to him that he was a long lost heir to a war ravaged kingdom far to the west, and that while he, Marcus, would not take up the mantle of rulership, he would not dissuade his son from doing the same; and would even use his position of power to aid Kevan as best he could.   Through his adolescent years, Kevan trained hard to become a warrior, excelling in martial combat. All the while, after the sun had set beneath the Vishaal , his father taught him to read and write, trained him in diplomacy, and how to lead men. These teachings past down from Vicken, to his son, and so on.   At the age of 20, Kevan had already, with the aid of his father, rallied the nobles of the region and their soldiers to his banner. They made their way from eastern Ravosa by land, rallying the Ravosan people all the way to the steps of Paraanor. There, the Ravosan would-be liberators beseeched the eight lords to provide ships and aid, before war eventually landed at their doorstep. The eight lords agreed, and Kevan and his army landed in Dagger Falls a few short months later.   Upon landing on main Andeir, word quickly spread of the returned king. Kevan was crowned "Erdric" in a quick ceremony two years after landing and led his people through many skirmishes and campaigns over the following two decades. During that time, Erdric Kevan and his queen provided the kingdom with one daughter and one son, named Cristoph.   Exactly 40 years to the day of his birth, while leading his men in a attempt to break elvish lines, Kevan was thrown from his horse and slain. His men, seeing their beloved king fall, fought like men possessed and crushed the elven attackers before carrying their fallen king back to his final resting place.
49 BCR 9 BCR 40 years old


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