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Erdric Cristoph

High King of Corwynth

Cristoph grew up in the shadow of his father, the man known as the "Savior of the West." As a child, his father was largely absent and so it fell to the nobles and generals that flocked under the Erdric banner to raise the small boy. Cristoph was a natural swordsman, like his father, and grew into a very charismatic and knowledgable leader. Those moments when war permitted Kevan to return home, he would spend his time teaching young Cristoph what would be required from him when it came his time to lead. He prepared his son for battle and stressed to him the way of war; that sooner than later, the Weeping War would claim his father and he needed to be ready to protect the weak and lead the allied armies to victory.
  Cristoph became king far younger than he wished, barely of age. For several years following his coronation he was assisted by a regent lord, but quickly grew into a mighty and dutiful king. Under his leadership, the allied armies of Corwynth and Harrenfal pushed back the Amnestrian elves, forcing their surrender and the dismantling of their means of war.
  In the years immediately following the signing of the Lordimere Treaty, Erdric Cristoph saw to the rebuilding of Stonehaven and pledged to the Nation of Ravosa that they would see reparations for their losses and for their aid in reclaiming the throne. Unfortunately, the extent of the damages to the kingdom were beyond what Cristoph had expected, and once the noble houses of the five realms settled back into rulership, the wheels of bureaucracy began to direct the kingdom.
  Cristoph settled into peaceful rulership reluctantly, and had a single male heir later in life. When his son was 20 years of age, he abdicated the throne, having little desire to play the game of politics any longer than was absolutely necessary.
22 BCR 98 AR 120 years old


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