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Dagger Falls Port Authority

Ships wishing to make port in the town of Dagger Falls must report to the Port Authority for inspection and to pay docking fees. Ship emergencies, repairs, and restocking needs are all brought to the port authority to be handled. The authority in Dagger Falls is financially self-supporting, something the Lords of Dagger Falls look favorably on, and levy taxes on all vessels making port in the town. It is also responsible for the operation of all means of shipping town-owned goods, whether that be by land or sea.


Tor Greyson currently oversees the Port Authority in Dagger Falls and serves as the commander in charge of a unit of 12 officers. It is the role of these officers to perform the following duties: Enforcing local safety within the harbor district, assisting with the maintenance of navigational aids within the port, responding to emergencies and altercations, and inspecting ships coming into port. Officers have legal power to detain and arrest persons committing an offence while within the port of Dagger Falls. The port authority also employs roughly 30 general laborers who facilitate the moving of wares and goods within the city. These workers can assist crews in removing shipments from vessels, loading wares for shipment via land or sea routes and assist with storage and maintenance within the warehouse district.

Public Agenda

The Port Authority is the hub for all legal manners pertaining to ships entering and leaving port in Dagger Falls.


The Port Authority operates out of an old and refurbished rectangular shaped warehouse, in a near centralized location within the harbor. It is one of the few three story buildings in the town, other than the Lords manors, and is an unmistakable landmark upon the dock ward. A large placard hangs across the front of the building indicating its purpose for all newcomers to the city. The building is largely made of treated, reinforced wooden beams with steel braces to further strengthen it, a wooden shingled rooftop and a large sliding bay door at the end closest to the water front. The upper floors are largely used for storage and rooms for some of the officers stationed there. The ground floor is used for administrative purposes and has a number of holding cells and is sometimes used as an infirmary.


The port authority has been a function of the local government since roughly 90 BCF. After the end of the Weeping War, Dagger Falls experienced its first population swell and became a major trading port with Ironbank and Ravosa. During this time, smuggling and crime became commonplace and the town attracted its fair share of pirates and scoundrels. The lord of Dagger Falls installed the first harbor master in 88 BCF and tasked him with quelling the lawlessness within the harbor district. It was a rough start for the Port Authority, with the first harbor master being murdered his first week on the job. After this setback, a new harbor master was appointed and given control over the town militia. Years later, the Port Authority became its own separate entity from the town militia and incidence of crime within the harbor district dropped considerably. Most piracy in the area was quelled, as the Dagger Falls armada chased off any vessels in the nearby waters looking to prey on merchant ships.
Founding Date
-88 BCF
Government, Law Enforcement
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