Tor Greyson

Captain of the Port Torrence Greyson (a.k.a. Tor)

The former Captain Greyson is now the serving harbormaster in Dagger Falls. Tor has been in this position for 10 years after retiring from a long and rich period of piloting his own ship from the same port. A once stern captain, this trait has to continued to aid him in his current role. Tor is extremely knowledgeable in his job and during his tenure, crime and reported smuggling has decreased substantially. One might think this to be a good thing, however it has caused him to be at odds with some of the local merchants and even, at times, the lords of Dagger Falls. Less sailors, even those of questionable origins, means less spending of gold at the local establishments. For Tor, it's an easy choice. Less sailors of ill repute roaming the streets of his town, causing mayhem is a good thing in his eyes.   As a harbor master, his duties include: being responsible for issuing local safety information (or Notice to Mariners), overseeing the maintenance and provision of navigational aids within the port, responding to emergencies, and inspecting ships coming into port. Tor also has the legal power to detain, or even arrest persons committing an offence while within the port of Dagger Falls.


Religious Views

Tor has little time and even less use for religion in his day to day life. He has been heard on rare occasion muttering words to Valkur, god of sailors, but none would mistake it for prayer. This may have something to do with the current high ranking priest of the temple to Valkur in Dagger Falls.

Social Aptitude

Tor is a confident man who is well mannered. He speaks his mind and does not mince words, a trait that aids him well both as the harbor master and in his past role as ship’s captain. He is prideful of his appearance and understands that in his line of work, presentation is but one facet that makes up the measure of a man. Many who have known Tor for years would also say that he carries grudges against those he feels have wronged him.


Tor Greyson

Former Captain (Trivial)

Towards Thomas Teach



Thomas Teach

Former Quartmaster (Trivial)

Towards Tor Greyson




Former shipmates; Captain and Quartermaster. Once close friends, they are now barely on speaking terms.

Relationship Reasoning

Tor accused Thomas of skimming off the top and fixing the books in the later years of his captaincy. Thomas denies it to this day and resents Tor for besmirching his name.

Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Port
Year of Birth
160 AR 54 Years old
Current Residence
Dagger Falls
Dark brown
Black hair, handlebar mustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
168 lbs
Aligned Organization


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