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Piracy is a dream of many who want to live a great adventure. To enjoy the unbound freedom of the sea. To raid, pillage and burn without consequences. Since the dawn of time people have been tempted by those things. Pirates can be found in every part of the world. They are in the warm waters of the southern seas, the vast open waters of the eastern and western oceans and on the cold waters of the northern seas.

Hey, boy! Do you want to hear of the adventures of the great Wilhelm the Noseless? Maybe the one where I lost my nose? Sit with us and be happy!
— Wilhelm the Noseless, one of the most terryfing pirates in the world



There aren't any specfic qualification required for a pirate. Everyone who wants to enjoy the freedom of the profession and is willing to endure the hardships can join a pirate crew. Any skills they already have are taken into consideration in assigning a position on the ship.

Payment & Reimbursement

Pirates live from what they pillage. In most crews, the captain is responsible for dividing the loot and is entitled to the biggest share. Most cases of mutiny are related to someone promising a bigger share of loot for every crew member.


Social Status

In most societies, pirates are considered criminal and are feared by the population. The fear doesn't only come from their actions, but also from a dissonance between how regular people live and how pirates live. Pirates are considered social outcasts.

On the other hand, in cities such as Arkona and other pirate havens they are mostly respected, but still feared a little bit.


Pirates come from a whole plethora of background. You can find poor and rich, young and old, men and women, and many other people.

Alternative Names
Corsair, Privateer, Bandit
Illegal in most countries and settlements, except for Pirate Havens such as Arkona

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Author's Notes

Answer to a prompt "Write about a profession that is travelling around the world" from Worldember Prompts by Tillerz

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