Merfolk are one of the species of the Elemental Folk. They have a human-like appearance with a fish tail instead of legs. Merfolk serve Aquastia, the sea goddess of the Elemental Quartet. For that reason, Merfolk were important in the ancient religious practices.

Saint Caol of the currents, lord of the waves, protect this ship and crew on their voyage
— A Tarranoi prayer

Essence of Water

The same as other Elemental Folk, Merfolk have the essence of their element. In their case it is of course water. Merfolk are born of water and turn to water after death. During their lifetime, the essence makes them the best water mages in the world. They also have a connection with water and feel when something bad happens with it. There is a lot of stories about Merfolk coming to place where water was being polluted to stop it.


Some of the Merfolk were chosen by Aquastia to aid her in rulling the seas. They were the so-called saints. They were the most loyal Merfolk and were rewarded with immortality. In religious practices of cultures like the Tarranoi they were very imporant even if they were below Aquastia in the hierarchy.

Saint Azalea, lady of the fish, thank you for letting us take from your domain
— A Tarranoi prayer
Genetic Ancestor(s)
300 years
Average Height
1.9 meters

Notable Merfolk

  • Saint Caol - according to ancient Tarranoi beliefs he was responsible for the sea currents and waves.
  • Saint Azalea - according to ancient Tarranoi beliefs she was the lady of all sea creatures.

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