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First Sovereignty

First Sovereignty or, as it was called in its time, Kingdom of Humankind was an ancient human country which existed on the island of Lachia. It was the first kingdom of humankind. It fell because of infighting between the nobles and overpopualtion as there was less and less space on the island.

Traces of the First Sovereignty can be found in every human country. All our monarchies were modeled on it. Even if they changed througout the years, the basic priniciples are still the same
— A historian


The same as its founding, the time of the fall of the First Sovereignty is shrouded in mystery. Some people said that it happened so long ago that the current calendars can't trace it.

For most of its existence the First Sovereignty was limited to the island of Lachia. As the country was developing and its population was growing the island was becoming too small for it. Every social class wanted more space. Among the nobility it took a form of a struggle for more land and power. To stop the infighting, efforts to colonize the continent were made. Fleets of ships crossed what is now known as the Tarran Sea and established outposts. More and more people were leaving for the colonies, which were growing fast and were developing independence tendecies.

The final nail to the First Sovereignty's coffin was the expedition of Arthur the Conqueror, son of the last High Sovereign of the kingdom. It is said that Arthur founded the city of Tarrpolis and was its first king. After the expedition, Arthur's father knew that he had no power to claim to be the ruler of all Humans. He decided to proclaim the end of the Kingdom of Humankind and proclaim the birth of the Kingdom of Lachia. It started the 1000 years of Lachian isolation during which the kingdom grew to prosperity and was ready to become a major power in the world.

Founding Date
Unknown, ancient
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Kingdom of Humankind
Successor Organization
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
High Sovereign and an assembly of lords
Judicial Body
High Sovereign and local courts
Executive Body
High Sovereign
Notable Members

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