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Gray Orcs

Of all the Orcs that exist in Vel'Kora, the Gray Orcs are undoubtedly the most distrusted, even outright hated.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ahra, Drenna, Kabbarg, Reeza

Masculine names

Karg, Braak, Lubash, Gell.

Family names

Grey Orcs do no have family names, instead either using the name of their clan in place of a surname, if they have a clan.


Major language groups and dialects

Orcish, Common

Shared customary codes and values

Gray Orcs, of all Orcs, hold most to the teachings of Gruumsh. Most dedicate their lives to him at an early age, often becoming an Eye of Gruumsh, or champion of the God much younger than any other breed of Orc. To Gray Orcs, slaying those of other races and offering their remains to the One Eyed God is the greatest joy they can find. Outside of exclusive Gray Orc clans, Gray Orcs often are found within the Clan Leaders tent, either as chosen champion, war leader, or body guard.

Common Etiquette rules

Gray Orcs hold to the idea that brutal taunting and open mocking is the only etiquette required.

Common Dress code

Gray Orcs do not have a specific ethnic dress code.

Coming of Age Rites

Among Gray Orcs, one is not an adult until he or she has killed another being.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Gray Orcs prefer to die in battle, even going so far as to leave the clan when they grow older to wander the world, looking for random battles or beings to throw themselves against in an attempt to bring about their own grizzly end. Often those that die so during a raid have war chants composed about them, often exaggerating their skill and prowess.


Beauty Ideals

Both sexes find large, burly, frames to be beautiful. Scars are often also considered an attractive attribute, showing the individual has shed blood in combat before.

Gender Ideals

Both male and female Gray Orcs seek to attain a warrior role within what ever clan they are in.

Courtship Ideals

Gray Orcs do not court, as much as choose a mate regardless of its willingness.

Relationship Ideals

Gray Orcs do not engage in relationships unless they are the leader of their clan, choosing instead to procreate freely with whomever they see fit.


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