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Deephome Derro Weddings

The Derro of Deephome have a very unique set of wedding rituals.   Once two Derro have pledged to one another, the two go to each family respectively. For both, it is an uncomfortable experience, as they are required to walk naked through the stronghold to the hold of their lovers clan, then crawl on hands and knees into the clanhold, and prostrate themselves on the ground before the entire clan. The clan then may choose to beat them with whips, padded clubs, and/or flails of woven cloth, to determine if the perspective new member of their family contains weakness that could lower the strength of the clan. Should the potential mate pass the test, they are greeted warmly by the family from then on, who are happy to see their new clan member is strong and worthy of the name. Should they prove weak, either by begging for mercy, refusing to crawl before the clan, or trying to flee during the beating, the match ends then and there, both Derro must agree publicly to not pursue one another, and move on.   If both pass the test of each families clans, they are then taken before the Savants. The Savants then psychically probe the mind of each in turn, checking to see if their union in any way threatens the stronghold of Deephome as a whole in any way. If if does, the two are given a choice; exile from the stronghold and their clans, to wander either the surface world or the passages of the Underdark together, or to split, publicly agree to never pursue one another, and move on.   If the couple again passes this trst they are taken to a ritualistic place within the stronghold called 'The room of Diinkarazan's Dwelling', a small lightless room near the bottem of the stronghold. They are placed within the room and sealed within, Silence is cast on the room as a whole and the couple is left there for thre days. The complete darkness, silence, and food and water deprivation is said to allow Diinkarazan to bless the union himself and bring the two closer together psionically.   At the end of the three days, the two are let free. Should they both be alive, with one of them not surrendering fully to their racial madness and attacking and killing the other for food, they are considered married.


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