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Soul Vault

Deep beneath SAF Military Headquarters lies the Soul Vault, a heavily reinforced repository for the Oath Stones tethering the souls of Oathbound members of the Sparnell Armed Forces to Sparnell until their terms are met.

Purpose / Function

The Soul Vault was constructed during the Headquarters renovations of 2052 EVT for the express purpose of holding the Oath Stones of all SAF members who agreed to take a Soul Oath to the organization. In most cases the Oathbound have agreed to serve extended years of service to the SAF in exchange for additional valuable training, such as the fifty years required for those granted lessons on the Hyperjump spell. An Oath cannot be broken unless the terms of the agreement are fulfilled, or the holder of the Oath releases the Oathbound from their promise.   In the case of the SAF, the Oath holder would be whoever is holding the Oath Stone. As a result, the Soul Vault is the most heavily guarded room in the entire SAF Military Headquarters.


The Soul Vault contains several layers of the tyrellium shielding present throughout the entire Headquarters building, each layer completely isolated. The conductive channels for Necromancy and Telepathy found throughout the rest of the Headquarters building do not reach into the Vault, barring access from those outside but also isolating anyone within the Vault.   Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil personally decides who may enter each layer of the Vault, limiting access to those most trusted among her most trusted inner circle. Each entryway requires two passcodes, guaranteeing that no individual may enter unsupervised. Entering the codes will reveal a keyhole requiring a physical key, of which Valcore Sil maintains the only official copy. Access is granted through a single entrance in each layer of security, with each layer requiring a walk along the perimeter to reach the next door. The security system maintains detailed records of each entry, including whose codes were used, and detailed images of those stepping through each doorway once activated.   Visits to the Vault are generally a time consuming affair for all those involved, both for the journey itself and the paperwork afterward.
Founding Date
2052.06 EVT
Room, Security, Vault
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Owning Organization

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