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Oath stone

The Oath stone serves as a critical component in all Oath ceremonies with the Sparnell Armed Forces, maintaining a detailed record of the terms of the Oath even as it tethers the Oathbound's soul to the Soul Vault deep beneath SAF Military Headquarters.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Oath stone is a specialized application of tyrellium crystal, specific to the Sparnell Armed Forces' use of the Soul Oath. Upon acceptance of a contract, the Runework written on the Oath scroll is transferred into the Oath stone, along with the Soul tether that will remain for the duration of the Oath, until all agreed upon conditions are set. Oath stones can also be programmed to catalog basic information about the Oathbound soul tethered to it, including vitals and any threats to the Oath or its tether.   Once an Oathbound dies - or is separated from the crystal housing their soul, in the case of Afterlife Intelligences - the soul will be drawn into their Oath stone for re-assignment.


In the earlier days of the Sparnell Confederation, Oaths were more prominently taken under the Codes of Tribute, one of the stricter and better known examples of the now-illegal Old Ways. Oaths of Tribute were invasive and essentially permanent, with the Oathbound tethered directly to an individual who would forever serve as their superior.   As part of her promise to create a kinder Confederation, Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil replaced these Codes with the Oath ceremony, tying each new Oathbound to an Oath stone and allowing them to retain their own personal thoughts. Critics claimed this was instead an attempt to consolidate her own power, allowing her full access to everyone's Oathbound personnel through access to their stones. Vocal support from the Margold and Lawson Families, not to mention the Valcore Oracle herself, eventually tipped the scales in Valcore Sil's favor.   The mysterious and sudden disappearance of several of her more outspoken critics may have also played a factor.


Today the Oath stone continues to play a central role in Sparnelli politics, particularly among the most aspirational Sparnelli Families. The opportunity to take the Oath to the Sparnell Armed Forces is considered a major source of prestige, for both the future Oathbound and their Family. Those who follow through are lauded for their patriotism and dedication to the ideals of the Confederation.  
May your accomplishments bring glory to us all.
— common Confederation saying
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